Terminator 3: Redemption

Schwarzenegger's iconic, unstoppable killing machine returns to halt the rise of the robots.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Paradigm Entertainment

    The malevolent mechanoids of Sky Net return to wreak havoc on the human populace and only one man - or rather, machine - stands in their way. You are The Terminator, the unstoppable android reprogrammed by the human resistance to aid their fight for survival.

    In this third person action game you'll fight for mankind across the battle-ravaged face of future Los Angeles, as well as the terrified streets of present day LA. You'll even see what no other Terminator fan has seen: the alternate futures spawned by your actions throughout time.

    Fight on foot and in vehicles across 14 single-player levels or bring a friend for devastating cooperative gameplay. Take on your fellow Terminators in one-on-one combat, rip out power cells to use as explosives, use endoskeletons as shields and use items from the environment as melee weapons.

    Commandeer vehicles such as a hearse, police motorcycle, future tank and 4x4 along with mounted weapons such as helicopter mini-guns, truck-mounted laser cannons and giant HK robots. Just be thankful he is on our side.


    • Based on the blockbusting sci-fi movie trilogy

    • Featuring the voice and likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    • Fight Sky Net in LA and in the war-torn future

    • Firearm and melee combat on foot and in a host of devastating vehicles


    • Players

      1 Players


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