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Welcome to New York Zero… it’s time to murder your maker.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Radical Entertainment
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    • Follow newcomer James Heller as he goes head-to-head with original PROTOTYPE anti-hero Alex Mercer in the infected wastes of New York Zero.
    • Hunt down and consume key targets to obtain information and powerful new skills as you trace the real reason behind Heller’s infection.
    • Gain access to the Blacknet computer network to reveal the whereabouts of top secret military personnel and absorb new, shape-shifting viral mutations.
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    New York, New York

    Set several months after the previous PROTOTYPE, in which a vicious infection swept through New York and mutated civilians, PROTOTYPE 2 invites you to revisit a metropolis ravaged by a deadly virus. This is New York Zero - or NYZ - an area quarantined due to a second outbreak far worse than the first one.

    As Sargent James Heller, you're determined to uncover the secrets behind this horrific infection that has led to the death of your wife and child. The man on the top of your hit list is Alex Mercer, the star of the first game who Heller believes is now more intent on spreading the virus than stopping it.

    With help from a priest, Father Guerra, who has gained information on the companies associated with the virus, you must hunt down the key perpetrators and discover the truth behind their evil plans. 

    NYZ has been split into three zones, each containing a different stage of the infection - yellow, green and red. Explore each one and hunt down your targets with immense stealth and power in PROTOTYPE 2 on PlayStation 3.

    Prototype 2 screenshot

    City of the damned

    New York Zero is no place for the faint-hearted. Plagued by a deadly virus, most of this quarantined portion of America is populated by shanty towns and terrified residents who shuffle nervously through the streets, while the rest is sealed off by Blackwatch for experiments and research.

    PROTOTYPE 2 gives you an incredibly vast landscape to explore - scaling skyscrapers and tower blocks not only allows you to complete challenges, it also provides you with an extensive view of this immense setting. Make sure you don't just walk the streets - climb buildings and launch over landmarks to discover as much as you can.

    James Heller himself is pretty impressive, too. Throughout the game he will gradually mutate and acquire new skills. His arms transform into enormous, silver blades while his hands grow razor-sharp daggers. Heller is brutal, lightning fast and fearless, and he'll keep growing more powerful and impressive as he consumes his enemies.

    Battles are dramatic and explosive and you hurl soldiers through city streets and bring helicopters crashing to the ground. Prepare for an action-packed adventure you won't forget as you use Heller's incredible abilities to take down Blackwatch on PS3.

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    Consume your enemies

    In the contaminated wastelands of New York Zero, James Heller is desperately hunting down members of Blackwatch, the company behind the Blacklight virus that is infecting citizens and destroying the city.

    Playing as Heller, who possesses superhuman powers after contracting a virus from Alex Mercer, you must use your skills to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy. Possibly the most important is your ability to consume others - you can absorb their intelligence, abilities, weapons and physical form in matter of seconds. Use this amazing power to get closer to your foes, slip into enemy territory unnoticed and access information and evidence.

    NYZ is a huge open world packed with missions for you to complete, such as taking down key Blackwatch members, destroying technology and eliminating mutated beasts being used for experiments. Fortunately, you can sprint up buildings and walls with immense speed and effortlessly glide between rooftops, so it shouldn't take you too long to locate your next challenge. As you progress you'll be rewarded with new abilities and powers to turn you into the ultimate warrior. Prepare to grow enormous claws to slice up foes, and huge tendrils to grab and annihilate tanks and helicopters.

    When hunting down a particular rival, press the L3 button on your wireless controller to activate your sonar-pulse and highlight your target. You'll also be able to see if they're being watched so you can swoop in and slay them with stealth if needs be. If you're seen, you'll be thrown into battle with huge numbers of enemy soldiers and the colossal monsters they've created. Be sure to consume some passers-by if your health is running low to regenerate your energy before finishing off the fight.

    Find out the real reason behind the infection in PROTOTYPE 2 on PlayStation 3.

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