PlayStation®Move Heroes

  • PS3

Six legendary heroes join forces in an intergalactic adventure.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Nihilistic Software
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    • Explore landscapes from Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Raccoon, merged together for this PlayStation Move motion controller adventure.
    • Mix and match your favourite characters including Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly and Bentley to create your own super squad of PlayStation heroes.
    • Use an arsenal of superpowered weapons to defeat your mysterious and villainous foes.
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    Six legendary heroes

    The biggest icons on PlayStation team up for the first time in PlayStation Move Heroes, an unforgettable adventure exclusive to PlayStation 3. Yet the six are thrown together in mysterious circumstances.

    Crushing, metallic doom looks Ratchet and Clank square in the face as a giant death-bot prepares to stamp the intrepid duo out of existence. Jak and Daxter frantically struggle to wrest control of their Zoomer back from an evil overlord. And over in Paris, Sly and his sidekick Bentley are about to come undone on their latest heist thanks to the most dangerous security system in the world.

    Suddenly, simultaneously, all are whisked away from certain annihilation by a dastardly duo – Gleeber and Lunk, organisers of the 1st Annual Inter-Universal Games. The stellar six are being lined up as the main attractions in a series of fiendish mini-games, although suspicions about the true intentions of Gleeber and Lunk run high… 

    Grasp the possibilities offered by PlayStation Move with both hands and jump into PlayStation Move Heroes for PlayStation 3. You’ll experience some of the biggest names on PlayStation in a brand new way – and get to the bottom of their strangest adventure yet.

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    “The most amazing heroes anywhere”

    Ever wondered what some of the brightest stars on PlayStation could achieve if they worked together? With PlayStation Move Heroes, you’ll find out, and you’ll be at the very heart of their adventure.

    Whatever your gaming philosophy, there’s a hero here to suit it perfectly. Ratchet, the high-flying mechanic from the planet Lombax, is adept at scrapping his way out of a tight corner with his trusty Omniwrench in hand. Alongside Clank, the ingenious little robot with a gadget to solve any problem, Ratchet embodies a bold, never say die attitude.

    Jak and Daxter are fearless explorers too, well accustomed to fighting against heavily stacked odds. Defiant quips come as readily as breathing to Jak – look out for some fiery encounters as he tackles his challenges with relish.

    Completing the glittering trio of duos are Sly, the crafty raccoon with the lightest fingers in the galaxy, and his faithful friend Bentley the turtle. This adrenaline-pumping stage is a world apart from shadowy museums, security systems and laser beams, and they adapt with ease.

    Become your favourite hero, guide him to glory, and savour a meeting of might and minds unique to PlayStation Move Heroes on PlayStation 3.

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    Get a grip on your destiny

    Foolishly, the 1st Annual Inter-Universal Games’ organisers Gleeber and Lunk failed to take into account two factors as they hurled down their gauntlet: the unparalleled determination of this band of legends, and you, armed with a PlayStation Move motion controller. 

    Treacherous challenges have been devised across segments of Jak and Daxter’s Haven City, Ratchet and Clank’s Metropolis City and Sly and Bentley’s Paris, together with the mysterious Gleebertopia. Survive by rescuing Whibbles, harmless aliens used as bait for the heroes – the more you save, the more medals you win. How? With PlayStation Move:

    • Bowl a supercharged ball through levels to smash into explosive crates, speed boosts and, most importantly, Whibbles’ cages.
    • Whip up a storm with the Thief’s Whip, using flicks of your wrist to lash out at massed robot ranks.
    • Shoot through waves of mechanical enemies determined to prevent you rounding up Whibbles.
    • Throw a special disc into the farthest reaches of the galaxy to collect crystals and slice through each hovering Whibble prison.
    • Smash, slice and pound enemies into dust using Jak’s hammer, Ratchet’s Omniwrench and Sly’s cane.  

    With a wealth of collectibles to find, some of the most potent special attacks in the universe and a Team Play mode that lets you buddy up with a friend, PlayStation Move Heroes is endless fun. Your PlayStation 3 has never seen anything like it.

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