Mashed: Fully Loaded

The brilliant top-down racer returns for more. Want some?

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: Empire Interactive
  • Developer: Supersonic Software

    The original Mashed was a blast of fresh air when it arrived in 2004 - a game that relied on pure playability to draw in the crowds for extended multiplayer sessions. Now, it returns at a great value price, Fully Loaded with extra tracks, environments, cars, weapons, modes and tournaments.

    Battle against up to three other players - or CPU players if friends are unavailable - for racing supremacy over 30 tracks, battling to stay in the race with a combination of sharp driving skills and strategic use of weapons such as machine guns, mortars and flamethrowers!

    Don't despair if you're eliminated from a round though, as even from the racing grave you can target remaining players with guided missiles. Ongoing revenge tactics make multiplayer matches a real blast.

    For single players, new training modes and 60 challenges ensure the action remains just as intense, while new visual effects make the game better looking than ever. Mashed: Fully Loaded offers the definitive racing battle.

    • Brilliant, competitive multiplayer action

    • Brand new tracks, modes and tournaments

    • Improved visuals and camera system

    • Nine powerful weapons to take down the competition

    • 60 challenges for single players to take on

    • Players

      1-4 Players


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