Lollipop Chainsaw

  • PS3

Chainsaw-wielding madness explodes onto PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
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    • Slice and dice your way through hordes of the undead as the lollipop-loving zombie hunter, Juliet Starling.
    • Experience a twisted tale of terror from the mad minds of acclaimed game designer, Suda51, and master of horror, James Gunn.
    • Wield Juliet's awesome chainsaw through a series of blood-drenched missions on a quest to discover the source of a deadly zombie outbreak.
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    Show no mercy

    Lollipop Chainsaw on PlayStation 3 isn't your typical zombie-killing adventure - it's hilarious, attention-grabbing and unconventional. Not only do you play as ruthless teenage cheerleader Juliet, you're also treated to a humorous story and amusing characters while you slice and dice the walking dead to pieces.

    On her mission to rid the school of the undead, Juliet is accompanied by the talking head of her decapitated boyfriend who offers hints, tips and the odd joke or two throughout the game. Zombies aren't so welcoming as they splutter blood and shout obscenities at our heroine.

    Slaying the flesh eaters can be fun as well as brutal, as mini-games such as zombie basketball or zombie baseball teach you how to use your pink, heart-covered chainsaw to full effect, and score a few points and home runs while doing so.

    There are plenty of reasons to revisit stages once you've completed the story mode in Lollipop Chainsaw. Go online via PlayStation Network to see how you match up against other zombie-whackers on the leaderboards, or try and unlock any moves, music, art and costumes you may have missed first time round.

    Lollipop Chainsaw screenshot

    Perilous pompoms

    Welcome to the world of Juliet Starling - she's pretty, popular and she's on the school's cheerleading squad. Oh, and she's also a chainsaw-wielding zombie slayer.

    It's her 18th birthday, and as this keen hunter of the undead approaches her high school, she notices that something isn't quite right. Her fellow students are staggering through the school grounds, covered in blood, with arms outstretched - if they have any arms left, that is. The whole school has been taken over by a zombie virus, and it's up to Juliet to save the day.

    Even the most amateur zombie hunter knows that these flesh eaters will need to be disposed of. Fortunately, Juliet is armed with two key weapons; a chainsaw, and a set of pompoms. Who'd have thought they'd work so well together? Punching zombies a few times - or pompom bashing - will weaken and daze them, and then you can rev your chainsaw and finish them off. Running low on health? Keep your eye out for lollipops to give Juliet a boost. Strawberry ones are her favourite.

    While early battles with the walking dead ease you in, you'll require new skills and abilities as you progress. You can purchase upgrades from the Chop Shop with cash earned from taking out these corpses and use your new moves to hack and slash bigger enemies. Decapitate a zombie in one shot and you'll enter Sparkle Hunter mode - a colourful, glitzy, zombie-killing fest set to the tune of "Hey Mickey".

    Get your hands on Lollipop Chainsaw on PlayStation 3 while they're still intact and reap revenge on the bloodsucking bad guys.

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