Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde

The fantasy world shudders when five goblin tribes go to war. The first casualty? The archaic point 'n' click controls of other RTSs

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Strategy / Action
  • Publisher: Jaleco
  • Developer: Jaleco

    The goblin world of Ogriss is in turmoil. The human wizard and leader Fraziel is missing and the five goblin clans are blaming one another for his disappearance and fighting amongst themselves. When the finger of blame falls on the Stonekrusher clan, you must assume the role of their Commander Grommel, clear your name, unite the clans and solve the mystery. But the other four clans won't trust you easily and will fight you at every turn. It's going to a tough, but amusing fight.

    Goblin Commander is a real-time strategy game developed specifically for the console and, as such, the control method is perfectly suited to the DualShock controller. Using the familiar Commander control method you view the battlefield from above and click on areas you want your troops to move to or attack. Alternatively, get into the thick of the tongue-in-cheek action with Direct Control. The viewpoint moves in close and you manoeuvre and charge with your mob of up to 30 gobbos just like you were playing an action adventure (like Ratchet & Clank). Create huge Titans like the Stone Ogre and giant Slime, erect defensive turrets and build your forces to absorb each clan into your ranks. Eventually you'll be able to choose from the five clans (each specialising in skills such as missile fire, melee or magic), offering 25 different goblin types. However you choose to fight this war, it's going to be a fierce and funny conflict.


    • Perfect mix of action and strategy, designed with the DualShock controller in mind

    • Five unique clans - Stonekrusher, Hellfire, Stormbringer, Plaguespitter and Nighthorde - each adapted to their location and skilled and different aspects of combat

    • Create defensive turrets and gigantic Titans to crush your enemies

    • No resource mining as with other RTS games - simply smash things up for Gold and capture Soul Fountains or kill enemies for Souls

    • Fast, furious and funny gameplay for one or two players (splitscreen)


    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • Player Types

      1-2 Player Types


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