EyePet™ & Friends

  • PS3

Twice the mischief, double the fun.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Simulation / Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
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    • Welcome two cheeky EyePets into your family to nurture and play with in your very own living room!
    • Use your PlayStation Move motion controller to create and customise EyePet toys, outfits and lots, lots more...
    • Earn EyePet Tokens for everything you and your EyePet do and spend them to unlock exciting new content.

    You will no longer be able to use the online features for this title from 29th March 2018

    Eyepet & Friends screenshot

    Twice the mischief

    If you thought seeing one EyePet in your living room was special, wait until you experience the magic of two wonderful creatures bounding across your floor.

    The loveable pair make themselves at home straight away, and rely on you to keep them healthy and happy. You can do this with your PlayStation Move motion controller, which you can easily turn into helpful and hilarious objects to feed, wash and play with your EyePets. You will form an extra special bond as you fill their bowl with cookies, stroke their fur and have tons of fun.

    It's great to watch your EyePets shoot basketball hoops in Digger Hoops and head out in search of wildlife in Hook A Duck. Remember, the more you play, the more Pet Tokens you'll get - why not use them to make your in-game vehicles look extra cool with stencils and stickers before you and your EyePets set out on another amazing adventure?

    Don't forget that EyePet & Friends is also available to play in amazing stereoscopic 3D. Your cheeky buddies will look even more special jumping and playing together, and it's a great way to get a better view of the fantastic objects you've made in the Creation Centre.

    EyePet & Friends E3 2011 screenshot

    He’s got company

    EyePet has returned to PlayStation 3 in style, and he's brought a brand new furry friend along with him. That's right, you can now hatch two cheeky little EyePets right in your own living room with EyePet & Friends. Grab your PlayStation Move motion controller - or two controllers if you want two EyePets - and prepare for some animal antics.

    A cool new place to hang out is the Creativity Centre. Here you can design toys, costumes and soft play areas for your EyePets to have fun with. Create amazing themed adventure playgrounds for your EyePets and create everything from a candy land to a medieval park for them to enjoy. Put together fantastic new toys to use in challenges and make them as crazy as you like - such as a digger shaped like a shark - the only rule is to have fun. You can also use Pet Tokens to buy new objects and accessories to make awesome toys, so keep enjoying yourself and spend the rewards on astonishing new items.

    Another addition to this latest EyePet title is Pet Tokens - your very own currency to spend on new toys, games and food to keep you and your cheeky pals happy. The more you play and care for your pets, the more tokens you'll earn, so keep spending time with the wonderful critters and you'll be able to enjoy even more exciting activities.

    EyePet & Friends is packed with all of the classic EyePet gameplay, along with even more games and fun to share with your adorable new EyePets. Wash them, feed them and care for them, just like a real pet; and get up to all sorts of magical mischief together using PS Move - turn it into a water pistol, a hair dryer, a laser beam and much, much more.

    Eyepet & Friends screenshot

    Double the fun

    Introducing two EyePets into your home is a wonderful thing - so why not share the magical experience with a friend and let them join you and your two lovable EyePets?

    Pick up a PlayStation Move motion controller each and jump into the marvellous world of EyePet & Friends together. Both of you take control of a different pet and can create even more toys and activities to play with. Go on an intergalactic adventure together in Star Tracer or jump into a submarine and dive for cash in Coin Collector.

    You and a friend could also have loads of fun in Open Play. It's a great place to spend some quality time with your new pals. Turn your motion controller into a water pistol and give them a cheeky spray or transform it into a laser pointer and watch as they chase it around the room. If you're feeling tired, why not put your motion controller down for a minute and give your furry friend a stroke? Let them roll over and purr before he drifts off into the land of nod.

    If you want to show your friend what you and your EyePets have been up to recently, take a look at all of the great photos you've taken - you can find these in the My Stuff section. You can also show off all the tricks you've taught your EyePets in Pet Care, whether they're jumping, rolling over or pulling some funky dance moves - there's so much for you to learn together.

    Challenge your friends to help you design and create some new toys and activities for your EyePets, then share them online with the EyePet community via PlayStation Network, where you will find plenty of ideas to inspire you. Let your imagination run riot - what will you invent for your EyePet to play with today?

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