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  • Also on PS4
FIFA 14 Featured Image
  • Hit the back of the net with skilful build-up play and devastating shooting power.
  • Curl the ball around opponents to deliver precision passes to teammates or send the ball into space.
  • Use the new Global Scouting Network to keep track of players to add to your squad.
  • All the authenticity EA SPORTS is known for with officially licensed clubs, leagues and more than 15,000 players.
FIFA 14 screenshot

Stat attack

EA SPORTS’ FIFA series has always had a kitbag stuffed with incredibly accurate licensed stars, divisions, teams and stadiums, and EA SPORTS FIFA 14 ups the ante with impressive numbers: 600 clubs, 31 leagues and some 16,000 players. For the first time, these include the top divisions from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Big name pundits and commentators provide their thoughts on each match, and depending on which teams are playing, the chat reflects the situation. Heavyweight clashes between bitter rivals might see the commentary team discuss each manager's tactics and selections, as well as new additions to the squads and even previous performances in the same fixture. You’ll also hear score updates from other matches, some of which may influence your tactics.

With a blistering soundtrack featuring the likes of CHVRCHES, Crystal Fighters, Foals, Vampire Weekend and Nine Inch Nails, EA SPORTS FIFA 14 is the closest you can get to that magical match-day atmosphere without braving turnstiles, burger vans and tiny plastic seats.

FIFA 14 screenshot

He shoots, he scores

Several new features make EA SPORTS FIFA 14 surely the most realistic football game ever. New ball physics that let you unleash swerving or dipping shots go hand in hand with the ‘Pure Shot’ system that helps you get a decent strike away even when you’re off balance, stumbling or having to rush it because a defender is about to get a block in.

Teammates are now much better at making intelligent off-the-ball runs, creating space for either themselves or the player in possession. It’s far easier to spread the ball out wide to avoid midfield congestion when you know your winger is making intelligent runs to find space while keeping an eye on your opponent’s offside trap. On the flipside, defenders are now better at tracking such runs and have a more instinctive feel for when to close down as a unit and when to let opponents play in front of them.

Off the pitch you have to build up a reliable network of scouts to trawl the world for the best players or unearth the next bargain buy. Ask them to search for specific player types, giving them clear instructions, such as “prolific”, as to the sort of player you’re after. Once a scout returns with his report, you can order them to find out even more detailed stats, their price and even how they’ll adapt to your tactics.

FIFA 14 Gameplay screenshot

Play the world

EA SPORTS FIFA 14 offers plenty of multiplayer fun, allowing you to play against or with friends offline or online via PSN.

If you’re in the mood for a quick, unranked match against another player, choose Head to Head mode or an online friendly where you can set up your own rules. For those with more time on their hands there’s Seasons mode, which sees you trying to rise from league ten to the top of league one. Co-op Seasons mode sets the same challenge, only here you play in two-versus-two ranked online matches, allowing you to call upon the services of a mate for an entire season or perhaps just the odd crucial game.

Match Day mode, where the form of players in the real world is reflected in the attributes of the game’s online modes, now feeds into both Seasons mode and Co-op Seasons mode. So, for example, Aaron Ramsey’s tremendous early-season form for Arsenal will make his attributes rocket in these modes.

Do well online and you’ll earn FIFA Points, which you can then spend on new strips, balls, over-the-top celebrations and more – all of which enhance that special big-game atmosphere.

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