Beat Sketcher™

  • PS3

Create your own masterpiece and sketch colourful patterns using PlayStation Move.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Party
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCE Japan Studio / Will co., Ltd / Noisy Croak
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    • Enjoy a fun and intuitive musical drawing experience designed exclusively for the PlayStation Move motion controller.
    • Keep your beats flowing with three addictive game modes; Creation Mode, Challenge Mode and Match Mode, each with their own set of unique features.
    • Create your own musical performance videos and share them on YouTube for the world to see.
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    Get with the rhythm

    Beat Sketcher falls into the augmented reality category of games, placing you on-screen with your artistic creations in real time. See yourself, your friends and family create wonderful masterpieces to lots of different backing tracks as you record your performance and take pictures.

    The PlayStation Move motion controller can be used as all sorts of tools to create works of art and fabulous pieces of impressive music. Use Creation Mode to produce notes by using various tools at different speeds and places on your canvas, then watch and listen as your work becomes a masterpiece to the eyes and ears. Depending on which musical selection you make, you could be composing a funky bass track, an upbeat pop tune or a cool jazz number while perfecting a self-portrait, scenic landscape or colourful abstract piece.

    If you want to make your performance a bit more personal, upload a picture from your PlayStation 3 system and use it as your canvas. Spice up your photos and add a bit of your own artistic flair to them while recording your performance with the PlayStation Eye camera. Once you have finished your creation, upload it to YouTube so that other users can check out your Beatwork.

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    Can you guess what it is yet?

    Prepare to demonstrate your artistic flair and musical genius in the colourful, creative and harmonious Beat Sketcher.

    Take your pick from three different game modes and create some fascinating works of art and melodic tunes using the PlayStation Move motion controller. Creation Mode allows you to select a pen, paint brush, or crayon and get creative to the beat. If you need some inspiration, there are plenty of in-game illustrations to draw on and embellish with your artistic skills, or you can upload your own pictures from your PlayStation 3 and add a bit of sparkle to them.

    Challenge Mode is the perfect way to test your musical expertise and artistic ability. Choose one of 12 pictures and then recreate them to the beat of the music. The music will reflect the speed that you should paint at, and any breaks or changes of key will indicate a change in the line's direction. Listen carefully to the music - it is as important as your paintbrush.

    As you paint each picture and grow in creativity, you'll be rewarded with medals and new challenges will be unlocked. Each painting in Challenge Mode will test your rhythm and accuracy, and if you want the Gold Medal you'll have to pull out all of the creative stops and achieve the Line Bonus and Rhythm Bonus too.

    The artist's new best friend

    PlayStation Move is the ultimate artistic tool - you can become a top artist and accomplished composer at the same time, combining pictures and music to share with others. Use the motion controller as a pen in Challenge Mode to carefully outline shapes to the beat of the music and watch as your coloured lines become wonderful pieces of art.

    In Creation Mode you can use your PlayStation Move motion controller as everything from a spray can to a crayon, and scribble and doodle all over your screen. Creation Mode is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Beat Sketcher and discover your artistic flair. In the Colour Palette you'll find plenty of colours to choose from. Not only do they look great, but they also have their own unique sound that will play when you use them.

    There are loads of other great tools to discover such as light pens to add some sparkle to your work and a blending tool for the true professional. With no limitations, each picture and song can take hours to perfect depending on how deep you want to go.

    Beat Sketcher screenshot

    A band of artists

    Beat Sketcher allows up to four players to take to the canvas and create some real works of art in Match Mode Multiplayer. Challenges range from straightforward tasks such as Paint Battle, which sees you trying to colour in as much of the screen as possible in just 15 seconds, to Sketch In Battle, where players must add their own creations to a shape presented on-screen before the time runs out.

    Each of the six multiplayer challenges only requires one PlayStation Move motion controller which is passed around between players. As well as competitive battle modes, there are also some relay modes where players can combine their artistic skills to create one masterpiece.

    One-Stroke Relay sees two, three or four players taking turns to add their own contribution to a canvas to create one overall image. Each player can make only one stroke without removing their pen from the canvas, so make yours count! Four-Frame Relay involves each player creating a picture that is then placed onto a storyboard to create a scenario.

    Whether you choose to challenge your friends' artistic skill or play co-operatively and combine your talent, Beat Sketcher will provide you with hours of tuneful, creative fun.

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