Armageddon Riders

  • PS3

Drive and kill in a bloody car battle with no rules and no brakes on PS3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: Targem Games
  • Developer: Targem Games
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    • Get behind the wheel of a killing machine on the streets of a dead city.
    • Explore the city across eight game modes packed with racing and combat action.
    • Hunt down and destroy waves of bloodthirsty zombies and marauders.
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    A thriller with frills

    Armageddon Riders on PlayStation 3 is a thrilling journey through an apocalyptic land ruled by criminals, street racers and, worst of all, zombies.

    The fast paced action and dazzling motion blur techniques envelop you with a brilliant sense of speed, while the game's superb attention to detail completes the feeling of driving within a ravaged settlement. Buildings are wrecks, torn newspapers litter the roads, brittle signs, shelters and lamp posts collapse convincingly. The undead stagger through the streets, attacking at the slightest opportunity while your car becomes increasingly dented and damaged due to any collisions you suffer - not to mention the gruesome mess accumulated from severed zombie parts...

    Tutorials are available to guide you through the large variety of missions, while the open city gives you the perfect playground to practise your driving, making Armageddon Riders a very easy game to get into. With galleries, trophies and other bonuses to unlock, there's a lot to grab your attention and make sure your first ride isn't your last.

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    The deadliest drive of your life

    There's nothing like the open road of an empty city, the joyful screech of tyres and the sound of... groaning zombies? Armageddon Riders on PlayStation 3 straps you behind the wheel of a fast vehicle trapped in a zombie plagued land following fatal accident at the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider. The world is reduced to a lawless wilderness where only the drivers of the meanest machines can survive - which is your cue to battle through a dead city and take part in dozens of missions against the zombie masses and marauding opportunists.

    From protecting other drivers, to enjoying blistering races around the city, Armageddon Riders is an addictive joyride that perfectly blends racing and on road battles. With a huge variety of missions, you'll find yourself smashing through zombies in one objective and then gathering rare artefacts in the next. Set against the backdrop of a city full of the undead, cruising around the desolate streets is always entertaining as you take in the destruction while collecting bonuses that unlock new missions and vehicles.

    Should you find certain objectives too tough you can buy new vehicles or upgrade your current machine if you have enough cash. Cash is gained by completing missions or collecting bonuses around the city and your killing machine can be equipped with extras such as deadly spikes, front guards capable of grinding zombies, as well as spaceship boosters to give your car that extra bit of speed.

    No matter what you choose, Armageddon Riders is a game that offers hours of entertainment and a wonderful feeling of liberation. Compelling street racing smashing head first into brutal combat action - all without the fear that comes with a real zombie apocalypse. What more could you want?

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    Take a friend on the highway to hell

    Armageddon Riders on PlayStation 3 is all about high speed freedom in a world gone to pieces - but there's no need to tackle it alone. A split screen, two player mode allows you to race around the zombie laden city with a friend to compete against each other or team up in a variety of missions.

    The single player objectives take a brilliant new slant when you're with a friend. Suddenly you're both racing for the same artefacts or trying to help each other protect another driver. Communication is the key to successfully completing co-operative missions, while friendly taunts are just as essential when you go head-to-head. As other drivers and zombies are all still present, even the few laps of a circuit race can become a deadly drive, so it's not just about watching your friend - the dangers of the city keep you on your toes, too.

    Downloadable from PlayStation Store, Armageddon Riders is an ideal PlayStation Network game for two players. It's fast, frantic and fun, providing perfect pick up and play action anyone can enjoy.

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