• PS3

Get ready for a highly stylised third person shooter that blends gun play, sword skills and over-the-top acrobatics.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
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    • Over-the-top acrobatics with constant action featuring aerial sword attacks and fantastic sword skills

    • Unique retro film visual treatment with stylised over-the-top characters

    • Original 70s inspired soundtrack

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    Rubi, Rubi, Rubi

    You don't mess with Rubi Malone, a hardened assassin with a razor sharp sword and a small arsenal strapped to her person, the latest tough girl to grace PlayStation 3. In WET, you take on the role of Rubi (voiced by Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku) as she's tasked by a wealthy man, William Ackers, to track down and bring back his delinquent son, Trevor, who has been running bad deals on the streets of Hong Kong.

    Things don't go to plan as Rubi is quickly double-crossed and left for dead in London after delivering Trevor into the hands of his father. Unfortunately for William Ackers and his twisted henchmen, Rubi doesn't go down without a fight and, once back on her feet, she embarks on an anarchic, and bloody quest for vengeance armed with her trusty blade and dual pistols.

    With a script penned by Duppy Demitrius, one of the writers on the action packed TV series 24, WET packs in tons of action, crazy laughs, kooky characters and a heroine destined for great things on PlayStation 3.

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    Blockbuster entertainment

    One of WET's most distinct features is its presentation. Crafted to look like a feature film, the developers have placed a grainy filter over the screen to make it look like it's a film with scratches and marks on the print. As you progress through the game, you'll be treated to humorous in-game jokes, spoof loading screens and over-the-top action sequences that pay homage to blockbuster films such The Matrix in which Rubi bounds across car and truck rooftops during an adrenaline-pumping highway chase.

    The soundtrack to the game is cinematic too, owing a great debt to the likes of Lalo Schifrin, composer of the Mission Impossible TV show theme, and films such as Enter The Dragon, Dirty Harry and Rush Hour. Simply put, WET is the ultimate action title. So, if you like your action thick and fast, your Trophies aplenty, and a huge amount of replay value, then WET has it all.

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    Shoot anywhere, any time

    Stepping into Rubi's boots, you wield a selection of deadly weapons as you progress through each of the missions. The most trusted of these are Rubi's dual pistols and her sword, which you can pull out any time during a battle. WET's combat is particularly stylish in that each time you leap towards an enemy, guns at the ready, time will slow down allowing you to perform pinpoint shots and aim at secondary enemies, taking both out at the same time.

    You can also slide along the floor or run along walls in slow motion, to rack up Style Points. Not only is Rubi capable of such insane acrobatic feats in the battlefield, but she can also use enemies to perform zanier moves by bouncing off their chest, unloading a few rounds, land, and then move in for a quick sword slice.

    WET screenshot

    It's all about style

    As you leap, shoot and slice your way through the hordes of enemies the game throws at you, you collect Style Points for chaining multiple attacks together. The more attacks you chain, the more points you get which can then be used to purchase various upgrades from the menu each time you finish a mission.

    Upgrades include being able to shoot while hanging from ledges or ropes, shooting while sliding down ropes, and being able to slide along the ground and launch enemies into the air with a sword slice. Filling out your acrobatic arsenal with each of these new upgrades is essential if you want to rack up big points throughout the game, which you will get plenty of chances to do, as you are thrust into arena-style showdowns against vast waves of enemies.

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