Your guide to the month ahead on PS4 and PS5, including new releases, in-depth features and expert guides.

F1 24

Experience the thrill of motorsport's most high-octane competition with EA SPORTS F1 24 - the official video game of the FIA Formula One World Championship™. Pursue greatness in the innovative new Driver Career mode, build your skills and then challenge friends and rivals online in Career Challenge mode and master the track like never before with EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling system.

System Shock

System Shock is the fully-fledged remake of the groundbreaking original from 1994, combining cult gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and all-new sounds and music; it even has the original voice actor of SHODAN, one of gaming’s most iconic villains!

Moto GP 24

Embark on your quest to become a MotoGP™ legend and shape your own epic saga. From humble beginnings to triumphant heights, the path is yours to forge. Engage in thrilling rivalries, build your reputation, and leave your mark on the history of your beloved team.

The best new and upcoming PS5 games of 2024

Discover the best PlayStation 5 games that you can look forward to playing in the year ahead.


Animal Well

In Animal Well there is more than what you see. Explore a dense interconnected labyrinth, and unravel its many secrets. Collect items to manipulate your environment in surprising and meaningful ways. Encounter creatures both beautiful and unsettling, and try to survive what lurks in the dark.

Crow Country

A Survival Horror adventure featuring: A rich atmosphere. A strong, tangible sense of place. A small but memorable cast of characters. Meaningful exploration. Engaging puzzles. And most of all - a beautiful, uncanny blend of tension and tranquillity.

Until Then

In a world still recovering from catastrophe, Mark Borja and his friends navigate the joys and woes of another year of high school. Wake up in a typical teenage bedroom, practice piano, race to meet homework deadlines, and build (and burn) relationships, as you reminisce about the daily insecurities of high school life.

Your latest monthly games 

These games are available now to download and play* on PS4™ and PS5™, for as long as you’re a member of any PlayStation Plus membership plan.

*PlayStation 4 games can be played on any PS4 or PS5 console. PlayStation 5 games can only be played on a PS5 console


Take the pitch in EA SPORTS™ FC 24 and experience unparalleled football realism in every match with the best players from the biggest clubs, leagues and competitions around the globe.

Ghostrunner 2

Defend humanity's last refuge, Dharma Tower, from a violent AI cult and slash your way through formidable enemies while attempting to avoid taking any damage.


Help a small fox unravel secrets and fight mighty enemies in a stylish, isometric adventure set in a hostile world filled with lost legends, ancient powers and colossal beasts.

Destiny 2: Lightfall*

Take on the might of Calus and the Shadow Legion in Destiny 2's Lightfall expansion and attempt to free the neon metropolis of Neomuna from their evil clutches.

*Destiny 2 is required to play Destiny 2: Lightfall. Destiny 2 is available for download at no extra cost on PlayStation Store.

Introducing PS5® cloud streaming

Stream hundreds of PlayStation 5 games to your PS5 console with all-new PS5 cloud streaming on PlayStation Plus Premium.

Enjoy streaming access to select titles from the extensive collection of PS5 titles in the Game Catalogue and play select titles from your own library of digital PS5 games without having to wait for them to download or take up valuable space on your console's hard disk.

Check out a special selection of must-play games hand-picked by PlayStation's in-house experts.

Check out a special selection of must-play games hand-picked by PlayStation's in-house experts.