Naughty Bear

  • PS3

Scare the stuffing out of your victims.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
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    • Play as Naughty Bear, a lovable sociopathic teddy bear who exacts his revenge on the ill-fated bears of Perfection Island.
    • Torment the other bears with an assortment of unconventional weaponry.
    • Evade The Fuzz and increasingly dangerous teddies as they scramble to defend themselves against your maniacal naughtiness.
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    If you go down to the woods today...

    The Island of Perfection isn't so perfect for one of the bears who lives there. The other bears mistreat Naughty Bear and don't like to spend any time with him because of his naughty nature.

    Daddles won't invite Naughty to his birthday party, which upsets Naughty as he has made him a special gift. When he arrives at the party to give him his birthday present, the other bears laugh at him and make him feel bad. Chubby has sworn to get rid of Naughty if he is elected as mayor of the island, and has even hired ninja bears to prevent Naughty from coming to his rally. It's not really any wonder that Naughty Bear is angry with the other bears and wants to get his revenge.

    As you progress through over 30 levels of mayhem, you teach the other bears a lesson; will there ever be a happy ending for this mischievous creature?

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    Angry animals

    The teddy bears all live on the Island of Perfection, which is not as peaceful and tranquil as it may sound. After not being invited to the big birthday party for Daddles because he is too naughty, Naughty Bear decides to teach the other bears a lesson.

    His mischievous personality has caused the other bears to dislike Naughty, and he hasn't taken very kindly to their attitude. He is on a mission to kick the stuffing out of each one of them, in the naughtiest ways he can find. Expressing his emotions though charismatic facial expressions, muffled sounds and menacing roars, this shabby teddy is ready for action.

    Once challenges are completed, extras will be unlocked so that you can terrorise the other bears even more. Donning a party hat will make you more sociable, a mayoral hat will leave you easily corrupted and some outfits will even cause the other bears to fight each other if used well enough.

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    It’s naughty time

    Physically, Naughty is quite different from the other bears. His shabby, unkempt fur and rough stitching make him appear unloved and rejected. The other bears have shiny colourful coats and they  look attractive and friendly. But this is not the only difference between these bears as each one has their own personality too.

    Keep a close eye on the way the bears react to your naughtiness. From Cuddles to Goober, Giggles to Stardust, each one is different. Some of them are aggressive, and will fight with their own weapons when approached. Some of them scare much more easily and will take refuge in a cupboard or barricade themselves in an empty room if they see you wielding an axe or a rusty blade.

    Often, the bears will try and escape from naughtiness on the island by boat or car, and this is quite inconvenient if you're trying to track them all down. Another trick they like to pull is calling the Fuzz. These are the bears that police the island and are out to get you for your mischief. They are, however, great sources of guns and will earn you loads of extra naughty points if you wipe them out too.

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    Not for the faint-hearted

    Naughty Bear is hell-bent on revenge. The other bears have been nasty to him for too long and he's had enough. Naughty has now set about on a mischievous mission to make them pay for what they have done.

    In each level, you'll find all sorts of weapons including axes, clubs and knives to exact some creative revenge on your fluffy foes. Once you've selected your tool of destruction, you can go and find some bears and be very naughty. Along with weapons to terrorise your opponents, there are also a few bear traps lying around for you to set for unsuspecting passers-by. Once stuck in a trap, they're much easier to attack, or just send insane.

    Challenges vary between the different levels from wiping out all the bears in sight as quick as you can, to sending them all insane. The more bears you dispose of, the more naughty points you will receive and levels you will unlock.  Naughty points can also be earned by using lots of deadly weapons, destroying the other bears' possessions and scaring the living daylights out of them.

    It is important to remember that naughty points are measured by naughtiness, so it is in your best interests to be as inventive and devious as possible when causing havoc.

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