F1 2010™

  • PS3

Be the driver and live the life in the all new F1 2010 from Codemasters.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Developer: Codemasters
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    • F1 2010 features all the drivers and teams in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship, including Formula One Drivers' World Champions Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher.
    • Build your career by working your way up from the bottom, switching teams as you go, or by building a dynasty with your chosen team.
    • Be the driver and live the life in F1 2010, the first F1 game that lets you, the player, experience this lavish world like never before.
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    Full throttle

    F1 2010 shows motorsport for what it really is: a competitive, fast and furious world coupled with glamour, glitz and glory.

    You'll begin the first day of your new career in a bustling press conference, the perfect way to introduce yourself to the prestigious world of F1, declare your ambitions for the season ahead and announce which team you'll be driving for. It's also an interactive way to create your in-game profile.

    Adding more realism to F1 2010 is your expert team of engineers, equipped with the knowledge and materials to make you a star, along with a dynamic weather system that will affect every inch of your race. The blazing heat of the track surface in São Paulo will have a completely different effect on your tyres to the English drizzle at Silverstone. Make sure you interact with your engineers and kit your car out with the correct parts to battle with the elements and see yourself in pole position.

    F1 2010 is an accurate recreation of the career, life and world of FORMULA 1, providing meticulously manicured tracks and presenting cars as majestic, sought after machines with immeasurable capabilities.

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    Live life in the fast lane

    Prepare yourself for the glamorous and exciting world of FORMULA 1 and experience a lifestyle of million pound contracts, heart pounding press conferences and relentless races.

    As well as putting the pedal to the metal and tearing your way around some of the most pristine tracks in the world, you must build up a career within F1, secure new contracts, face the press and work towards becoming one of the best racing drivers the world has seen.

    A range of game modes allow you to get to grips with the sport, including Time Trial, in which you can test your wheels on picturesque racing tracks from the beautifully floodlit Marina Bay to the challenging Hockenheim. Step into the shoes of your favourite racing driver in Grand Prix mode and take part in a single race, a full season or a mini-championship made up of tracks of your choice.

    As you build up your status within FORMULA 1, new contract offers may come flooding in from more distinguished teams such as McLaren and Red Bull. Make tactical decisions, liaise with your agent to make the best career moves and become a champion.

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    Drive to survive

    If you're feeling competitive you can go wheel to wheel with up to 11 other players online via PlayStation Network in Multiplayer mode, which is divided into two sections: Quick Modes and Custom Match.

    Within the former category are Pole Position, Sprint, Endurance and Online Grand Prix. In all of these races teams are randomly allocated, all cars will perform equally and each race will test a different ability. If you fancy a fast but challenging spin, Quick Modes is for you. Attempt the fastest lap, go against the grain in some extreme weather conditions or qualify for a decent starting position in these whirlwind challenges.

    Custom Match allows you to create a Grand Prix or online session based on your own criteria. Select how many other drivers you want to join and the locations in which you want to race and then start your engine. Keep up to date with the Online Leaderboards to ensure you're top of the ranks.

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