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Explore the pleasure and horror of love, and the choices we make for it, in this unique blend of action, adventure and puzzle gameplay.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Atlus
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    • Join Vincent on his terrifying descent into the dizzying perils of love as he steers a course through a moral minefield where hardly anything is black and white.
    • Immerse yourself in an atmospheric world produced by Katsura Hashino in collaboration with famed character artist Shigenori Soejima and master composer Shoji Meguro.
    • Escape with or from a friend in local head-to-head and co-operative multiplayer modes.
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    Dreaming dangerously

    An entire city is feeling uneasy after the unexplained death of several young men. Each has been found in their bed with a horrified, agonising expression on their face.

    In this city lives Vincent and his girlfriend of several years, Katherine. While he is secure with their relationship as it is, Katherine is constantly striving for more and keeps bringing up the subject of marriage - to Vincent's horror.

    All the while, a rumour is circulating that the people who have died in their dreams are dying in real life. Vincent pays no attention to this until he meets the irresistible Catherine in his local bar. In no time at all, Vincent is waking up next to this mysterious beauty and can't seem to get rid of her.

    Then, the nightmares begin, and Vincent can't shake off those rumours... could he be the victim of a dreadful curse?

    Pick up Catherine for PlayStation 3 or download it from PlayStation Store and see if you can survive the nightmare.

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    The stuff that dreams are made of

    Catherine on PlayStation 3 is made up of two worlds - the real world and Vincent's dream world. While he's awake, Vincent is being dragged down as he struggles to choose between his long-term girlfriend and a mysterious new woman. When he sleeps, he enters a twisted realm, plagued by disturbing nightmares.

    The real world, which should be a haven from his disruptive visions, is where you can explore Vincent's life and ultimately shape the story - the decisions he makes are up to you. Will you leave the local bar early and hope to wake up alone, or drown your sorrows with a few more drinks and think about the consequences tomorrow?

    The dream world is where the action takes place. Towering walls of blocks seem impossible to overcome, and curious platforms are populated by other fallen souls. Each of them appears as a sheep - after all, this is a dream - and while some have gone demented after climbing for so long, others can offer advice on how to escape this tormenting illusion.

    Loose blocks crash into the unknown, church bells chime and the monsters on your tail scream with horror. This is no place for the faint-hearted. Will you make it to the top of every tower? Enter this terrifying nightmare now on PlayStation 3 and see if you can overcome the terror of Vincent's dreams.

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    Night terrors

    Every night Vincent is plagued by disturbing nightmares. These chilling dreams are haunting him and gradually destroying his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Katherine.

    The terrifying visions are made up of hundreds of large blocks that Vincent must climb in order to escape the horrors that invade his slumber. Each block can be pulled or pushed to create a new platform for Vincent to climb onto as he tries to scale the mountainous puzzles. While they begin relatively simple, they become trickier as Vincent's dreams worsen.

    Make sure you watch your footing as you ascend each puzzle. A block could be filled with a deadly trap or suddenly fall and crush you if you remove support from under it and hang about for too long. And what nightmare would be complete without monsters? Terrifying representations of Vincent's worst fears haunt these illusions too, chasing him to the top of his tower, be it the huge hand of a dominating woman or the shrill cries of a child he isn't ready to take care of. Being crushed, annihilated by a fear or falling off the edge of a block will kill you. And, as rumour has it, this will lead to Vincent's death in the real world, too.

    There are things to help you evade this labyrinth of visions, such as coins to purchase powers and advice from other fallen men. But, the only way to really rid Vincent of this curse is to play through the twisted tale to the end.

    While he's not sleeping, you can sculpt the path Vincent's life takes through his actions, telephone calls and conversations with other characters. Just make sure you're prepared to deal with the consequences.

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