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  • PS3

Stretch your imagination across the solar system.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
    Noby Noby Boy screenshot 1

    Noby Noby Boy is a unique gameplay experience, from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi.  Control the cylinder-like BOY around his environment and eat everything in your path from trees and buildings to animals and people to help expand BOY's elongated body.

    By controlling BOY's increasingly stretched rainbow coloured body, you can perform incredible feats which are left entirely to you. Will you tie him in knots on the ground? Or thread him through the clouds? Play it your way - the only limit is your own imagination.

    The points gained by the length of your own BOY can also be uploaded online, and on to a character named GIRL who represents the growth of all the players in the world - so she grows as you do. Starting at Earth, GIRL expands through the solar system as more games are played and all the players' BOY characters grow. The more you play the longer GIRL increases, unlocking new stages in the game for everyone around the world to enjoy.

    Take your imagination on the ultimate journey with Noby Noby Boy - a game where the sky is far from the limit...

    •    Stretch BOY around a number of wild and wacky environments
    •    Record video footage as you play and upload it to share your experience
    •    Discover new worlds with the help of other players online

    Noby Noby Boy screenshot 1

    Go on an imaginative journey with Noby Noby Boy

    Escape into a gameplay experience like no other. Noby Noby Boy will take you to the moon and beyond in more ways than one...

    Noby Noby Boy is a truly unique game. Arriving exclusively on PlayStation Network from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, this Namco Bandai title throws you into a world of colour and fun unlike anything before.

    Taking you for a stretch

    From its opening alone, Noby Noby Boy is likely to bring a smile to your face. You are introduced to the game by a colourful and unusual tutorial which teaches you the controls through a quiz which asks questions on what buttons to press on the Wireless Controller to progress.

    Get it all right and you're left to venture around a landscape using the brightly coloured main character, BOY, a curious worm-like creature who possesses the ability to extend at will.

    By controlling both his front and tail ends simultaneously and pulling him in opposite directions you can stretch him out to amazing lengths, making his abdomen an increasingly growing part of the environment - and the more you stretch, the more points you gain.

    All about the BOY

    Helping in this quest for BOY's physical extension are the various objects and inhabitants that roam on the number of randomly generated maps you take him around. Horses, giant robots, houses, ballerinas, barnyard animals, playground items, sports balls and more populate these areas, going about their business, watching your antics, running in fear from BOY or jumping on his snaky back for a ride.

    All of these things can be interacted with, whether it's through BOY's body bumping or wrapping around them or, more helpfully for you, by BOY eating them. Consuming these objects and residents doesn’t harm them - it merely removes them temporarily from the map as they circulate around BOY's body, to be spat out at your whim. Do this at the right time and you can quickly propel BOY around the environment, more so if you use his natural ability to fly and glide.

    Your progress in making BOY stretch is recorded online to GIRL - a giant female version of the protagonist who represents the development of all Noby Noby Boy's players around the world. By uploading the length of your personal BOY online, GIRL grows, starting from Earth and slowly expanding through the solar system when more people play and go online with the game. It's all for your benefit too - as the more GIRL grows, the more new stages are unlocked for everyone to play.

    A game of you

    Noby Noby Boy is an ideal game for relaxation and experimentation. It wants you to enjoy playing around an open environment and make your own adventure. Even if you find BOY's body snapped in half by accident you can reattach it, and if you fall off the edge of the map you'll find yourself back in BOY's house, unharmed and ready for a new journey.

    With the ability to write a personal message on BOY's body and record videos of your exploits to share with others, Noby Noby Boy is all about gleeful fun and abandon. You make your own rewards and find your own treasures. Noby Noby Boy is very much your game - bound only by your own imagination.

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