• PS3

Pandora’s Box has been opened unleashing hell on earth.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Spark Unlimited
    Legendary screenshot 6

    Developed by Spark Unlimited, the team behind the World War II sci-fi shooter, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Legendary puts you in control of Charles Deckard, an art thief duped into stealing Pandora’s Box.

    When Deckard inadvertently opens up the mystical box said to contain all the evils of mankind, he releases hordes of creatures believed to be fictional on mankind. Horrid and flesh hungry beasts such as razor-clawed werewolves and giant, vicious griffons are thrust on to an unprepared modern world causing complete and total anarchy.

    Ultimately, a full scale war is soon waged between man and myth that becomes extremely complicated when secret and powerful societies become involved. For Deckard, the man responsible for unleashing this hell on earth, he quickly becomes the only person with the capability to contain these monstrosities.

    Now you must take control of Deckard and save modern civilization from total annihilation at the hands of these terrifying creatures.

    • Take on savage werewolves, fearsome griffons and other dangerous creatures in battle

    • Environments crumble and collapse around you as civilisation falls

    • Multiplayer mode allows you to destroy enemies with firepower or with the tooth and claw of a monster

    • Dolby 5.1

      Dolby 5.1

    • 1080p


    • Players

      1 Players

    • Network Features

      Network Features

    • 720p


    • 1080i


    • Network Players

      2-8 Network Players

    • Network Play

      Network Play


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