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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA SPORTS
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  • Enjoy a unique, fun-packed experience where everything from the environments to the music is true to street football and its culture.
  • Compete everywhere from car parks to prestigious tournaments in 35 locations around the world.
  • Play with or against stars of the most popular clubs in the world or real-life street players.
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Dream teams

Football: it’s the beautiful game, followed with a passion by fans the world over and the sport of choice for many with little more to hand than a ball, some friends and a patch of open space. In those fast and furious kick abouts, who hasn’t dreamed of calling on the skills of Wayne Rooney or Sergio Aguero to boost their chances in front of goal? Well, wonder no more because FIFA Street has arrived on PlayStation 3 to turn those sporting dreams into reality.

This first outing on PS3 in four years for EA SPORTS’ popular street football series is brimming with confidence and assured touches as befits a title which features the peerless Lionel Messi as its cover star. Packed with new skills, spills and thrills to discover, FIFA Street includes realistic and lifelike versions of your favourite players along with plenty of official team licences to bring the sport to life in your living room.

Take your pick from a variety of finely crafted venues in each of the game types, dress your stars in either official team kits or specially adapted street outfits and adjust the game settings to suit your level before diving into the action to create your very own golden moments.

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Street life

Aside from the Practice Arena, where you can hone your skills in one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper, there are two main offline game modes in FIFA Street: Hit the Streets and World Tour.

Seasoned pros or those after a quick hit of football action can Hit the Streets in five different game types:

  • 5-A-Side: Five players per team, two halves of three minutes each and the team with most goals wins.
  • Panna Rules: Rack up points for performing special tricks in two versus two player matches and see these added to your score when you hit the back of the net.
  • Futsal: Play a 5-a-side match in a stadium environment; take care with your shots and passes as there are no walls for the ball to bounce back off.
  • Last Man Standing: Played with three or four players per team and no goalies, you lose a man each time you score. The first team to lose all its players wins.
  • Custom Match: From match type to half length and more, you make the rules.

World Tour, on the other hand, lets you make your mark in the (virtual) world of street football. You’ll start off by creating your own player using the vast array of options available or, if you have previously made a Virtual Pro in EA SPORTS FIFA 12, you can import this character to be your captain.

You then select a starting country and region, where you’re presented with a variety of one-off challenge matches along with tournaments to take part in. Earn Ranking Points in tournaments to progress up the leader boards and unlock new events as well as venues and clothing which you can then use in Hit the Streets.

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Glory hunters

Alongside the single player modes, there are plenty of ways to enjoy FIFA Street with friends, either offline or online via PlayStation Network.

First off, up to seven players can work together or face off on one PS3 system in any of the Hit The Streets game types. So whether you want to team up and brush the opposition aside or go head-to-head to find out who rules the streets, FIFA Street gives you and your friends the freedom to choose just how you want to play and prove your skills.

Alternatively, take the challenge online via PlayStation Network in a wide variety of co-operative and competitive modes: as well as being able to play World Tour online, you can enter Street Seasons to challenge FIFA Street players around the globe, join up to seven other gamers in an Online Team Play game, or invite your friends to a one-off tarmac showdown in Friends Play where it's winner takes all.

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