Buzz!: The Mega Quiz

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Buzz is back!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEE

    The ratings just keep rising, so Buzz is back with a new general knowledge show to keep all quiz fiends satisfied. Buzz!: The Mega Quiz is bursting with new videos, music and photos, and an all-new database of 5,000 questions.

    The studio and presentation have been spruced up and Buzz is just as stylish as always! New rounds have been added alongside some old favourites, with the finale revamped for an even more exciting conclusion. With all this, plus refined multiplayer features, this title is set to tax even the most hardened quiz fan.

    Slick TV-style presentation that feels more like a real gameshow than ever before means you'll see more of the studio, more of the contestants and more of Buzz!

    Featuring all-new round types, including Point Picker, Winner Stays On and The Final Countdown, Buzz has also worked with producers to develop "Mystery Games" - special rounds where he takes to centre stage and challenges the contestants to take him on. These special rounds give Buzz the opportunity to show off his multi-talented nature as a card shark, horse trainer and all-round raconteur.

    • 5,000 brand new general knowledge questions, covering TV, movies, music, sports, science, nature and more
    • Choose from 16 contestants, including favourites like Ash and Pelvis and brand new characters, such as mighty superhero Quiz Man!
    • Includes a range of movie, sports and nature clips, as well as TV footage

    Buzz Mega Quiz

    Mega fun

    Break out the buzzers once again, it's Buzz!: The Mega Quiz on PlayStation 2.

    Buzz, everybody's favourite spiky headed, sharp-suited quizmaster is back for another round with the biggest quiz yet! We've survived the buzzish inquisition through the Music Quiz, the Big Quiz, and the Sports Quiz, so what is it about the Mega Quiz that makes it so...well, mega?

    First off, there are tons of new questions, spanning enough categories to make Chris Tarrant blush. What will Prince Charles be called when he becomes King? Who invented the steam engine? If you don't know, now's the time to start studying, because things are noticeably more difficult this time around. That said, you can choose an easy, normal or hard game, as well as adjusting the game length to suit your needs, so it's easy for anyone to get involved. You can even use a memory card to reduce question repetition, helping to keep the game fresh.

    The range of media on offer has expanded too. In addition to the music clips made famous by the original Buzz!: The Music Quiz, there are also film clips from famous movies, hundreds of celebrity photos and even full-length music videos.

    Quite a bunch of characters

    And that's not all; some new colourful and crazy characters have stepped up to the podium to take part. As well as returning favourites like the fat Elvis-alike, the afroed-disco dancer and the chirpy Euro disco diva, there are some great new additions to the team. There's an over-muscled superhero (with a "superior intellect") a commendably mute mime and a masked Mexican wrestler, along with lots of other fun characters to take the grilling from Buzz so you don't have to.

    There are some other great new additions this time around too. The production values have been ramped up yet again (and they'd have to be, considering the helicopter load of cash it took to tempt Buzz back for the Big Quiz), with a bigger and better set, more pyrotechnics and an even shinier suit for Buzz. Everything feels more polished and large-scale, perfectly replicating the feeling of being on a TV quiz show.

    Hot buzz

    Some rounds have been given a makeover, such as Pie Fight, a take on the Hitman round of the Big Quiz that sees you throwing harmless custard pies at your victims, while other rounds are completely new, like the excellent Globetrotter. This sees you jetting off around the world to answer questions themed around the various countries you visit, with the winner choosing the next country to fly to.

    Another new feature is the Mystery Round. Reach the halfway point of the game and Buzz will roll out one of his infamous mystery challenges. Ranging from betting on a miniature horse race to knocking down ducks in a shooting range, the Buzz Mystery Challenges are a fun way to break up the game and give you the chance to get the drop on your cleverer (or luckier) friends.

    Never mind the Buzz-clocks

    The most important round though, is the final round - the appropriately named Final Countdown. Your points won throughout the game transform into time, which slowly ticks down as you answer the questions. A wrong answer will cause you to lose a chunk of time, and the last contestant left standing at the end of the round is officially declared the winner. This is a great addition to the series, and means that even if you haven't been performing so well throughout the game you can still come back and win.

    Another nice touch is the awards given at the end of the show. The Genius Cup is awarded to the player with the most right answers, the Itchy Trigger Trophy goes to the player with the fastest average answer speed, the Loser's Medal goes to the player with the most incorrect answers and the Slowcoach Award goes to the player with the slowest average answer speed. It's a small addition, but it's nice to win the Genius Cup even if you didn't win the game, and everyone can laugh at the winner of the Loser's Medal for being such an idiot. Come on, you know you're going to.

    In fact, Buzz!: The Mega Quiz is full of these little touches, which is what makes it a worthy purchase and sets it apart from its predecessors. The new multimedia content, fun new characters and the improved set and production values all go toward making it one of the most fun social gaming experiences that it's possible to have with your PlayStation 2. And who knows, you might even learn something along the way.

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