Buzz!™: Quiz TV

PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS3

Prepare for a whole TV network of mind puzzling fun!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Relentless Software
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    • Choose your subject, choose your quiz and play in High Definition with huge online support.
    • Start with 5,000 questions and download tens of thousands more.
    • Play online against Buzz! teams worldwide and write and share your own quizzes.
    • Put your knowledge to the test and take on up to 63 other players in the interactive Buzz! Studio in PlayStation Home*.

    *Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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    Fingers on the...

    Buzz! takes to the stage on PlayStation®3 with a High Definition swagger, online features and a host of new questions that’s sure to create a buzz not just in your home, but around the world.

    To say the Buzz! series has gained something of a following would probably be understating things somewhat. The game that helped bring fast paced TV quizzing to your living room has long been wowing families with its wide variation of questions, glossy presentation and of course, the charismatic host with the most, Buzz - he of silky blonde hair, dashing suits and showbiz smile.

    So it's only natural there was more than a tingle of anticipation for Buzz! Quiz TV's arrival, signalling the series debut on PS3. Pleasingly, fans and newcomers alike will feel right at home as Buzz! not only transports you into a world of finger twitching quiz action with a High Resolution sheen, but also changes the way you can interact with the format itself.

    Get your Buzz! face on

    Buzz! Quiz TV's opening salvo is a massive 5,000 questions divided into five channels: The Music Channel, The Movies and TV Channel, The Sports Channel, The Knowledge Channel, and The Lifestyle Channel. Each of these has its own variety of subsections too, for example the Movies and TV Channel will have a selection of cartoon related questions to see if you know your Powerpuff from your Popeye.

    With an easy to navigate menu, you can select questions from a particular channel or if you're a veritable Jack of all trades, you can randomly mix them together from all five using the Channel Hopper feature. There are a variety of quiz game types, such as the rapid firing fun of Fastest Finger and the ever popular Pass the Bomb, depending on how many players are participating, with a maximum of eight possible in some modes.

    The glossy High Definition studio of Buzz! Quiz TV really conveys a sense of atmosphere, as does Buzz himself who has never looked better. In choosing your well animated contestant's costume and audio buzzer, the generous amount of humour and style spices things up even if you don't want to battle against others and just fancy going solo.

    To (online) infinity... and beyond

    However, the real innovation of Buzz! Quiz TV comes from its online functions. Not only can you play against others across the globe, pitting family and friends against each other without ever having to leave your living room, you can also enhance your Buzz! experience by accessing the MyBuzz! site and opening up a wealth of features.

    Ever wanted to create your own questions? Well now you can build your own brain teasers, based on any subject matter of your choice - from fun little quizzes about on your guests at a party to get everybody involved, to a school test revision quiz, the only limit is your imagination.

    Lending itself nicely to this spirit of community, you can also share your creations and check for the most popular or recent user created quizzes, as well as search by specific criteria to download your favourites and then test your mental agility on a specialised subject. As long as you're signed in to PlayStation Network, it's all accessible and extremely easy to set up.

    Creating more than a Buzz!

    With the option to use the snazzy new Wireless Buzz! Buzzers, which free you up from any potential cable entanglements in your pursuit of being crowned quiz royalty, Buzz! Quiz TV is friendly, fun and full of character.

    As a social game for all the family Buzz! has always excelled, and now it's been elevated to another level with its fresh and interactive online functions. Get this entertaining title into your home and you'll be buzzing for a long time to come.

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