Bloodborne™ (English/ Chinese/ Korean Ver.)

Worldwide Studios
รวมอยู่ใน PlayStation Plus Collection (สำหรับสมาชิก PS Plus บน PS5™)

Hunt your nightmares
A lone traveler. A cursed town. A deadly mystery that swallows everything it touches. Face your fears as you enter the decaying city of Yharnam, a forsaken place ravaged by a terrible, all-consuming illness. Scour its darkest shadows, fight for your life with blades and guns and discover secrets that will make your blood run cold – but just might save your skin...

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Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters Edition (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

    Bloodborne™ PlayStation®Hits (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

      คอลเลกชัน PlayStation Plus

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      Action, Role Playing Games
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