Hellsweeper VR

Vertigo Games B.V.
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  • PS5-versie
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  • VR-speelmodi: zitten, staan, ruimtelijk
  • Trillen van PlayStation VR2-headset optioneel

What is Hellsweeper?

Do you dare to descend into hell in this intense first-person action-combat VR experience?

From the makers of Sairento VR comes an intense action-focused first-person game that puts you on a mission to take out the rogue scumbags of hell. 

In Hellsweeper VR, you yield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis and muster unseen powers to wipe out your twisted enemies. 

Gain mastery of your weapons and elemental magic, or fall to the unrelenting onslaught of hell's twisted souls. Upgrade and customize your skills and experiment with unique combat variations to face Hell's ever-changing challenges.

Hellsweeper key features

Devilishly dynamic movement

Hellsweeper VR offers an intense no holds barred locomotion system that pushes the limits for the bravest VR players. Defy conventional physics with intense wall-running, power sliding, backflips, jumps, bullet time and more, allowing you to pull off the craziest moves.

Master your combat style

Summon various weapons, master the elements and customize your playstyle by experimenting with various skill traits. Cleave through an undead horde with a claymore; snipe down foes from a distance with a rifle; summon a salvo of piercing ice shards or group enemies together with a vortex.

Survive in various game modes

Descend into a fully fleshed-out roguelike mode and slay hordes of twisted souls. Define your own rules and reap the rewards behind every deathly risk. Or for those that can’t handle it alone, team up with your friends. Survive together, die together.

Keep fighting and become the ultimate Hellsweeper

Conquer 18 maps, over 10 enemy types with elemental variants and multiple mission types. Encounter a unique gameplay experience with every run.

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