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Welcome to a new frontier on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: LightBox Interactive
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    • Battle a band of merciless enemies on the ground, in vehicles and in the air in Starhawk's epic single player mode as gunslinger, Emmett Graves.
    • Experience action-packed 32 player online multiplayer modes, team up with a friend in two player offline split screen play or join forces with up to three other players via PlayStation Network in co-operative mode.
    • Change the battlefield to your advantage with the new Build and Battle system that allows you to call down equipment, vehicles and fortifications from orbiting drop ships.
    Starhawk Gamescom 2011 screenshot

    As sharp as a hawk

    The dusty, desert plains may look familiar, however don't let Starhawk fool you - this masterful PlayStation 3 shooter takes you to an exciting, unexplored frontier to dazzle your senses.

    Blasting off the story with an animated comic book introduction, Starhawk introduces you to Emmett Graves, a mercenary who can use the mysterious Rift Energy that's become the newest and most valuable resource available. Graves' ability to pilot wonderfully detailed vehicles from the horse-like Sidewinders to the transforming flying robot Hawk means you're thrown into a variety of convincing scenarios and settings throughout this amazing adventure.

    On the planet itself you're greeted with deadly swamps, massive landscapes and sinister, metallic bases, while launching into the infinite black of space finds you among beautiful suns, vapour trails and the incredible sight of the planet below. Starhawk immerses you in its spectacular sci-fi combat as dazzling explosions and laser fire erupt around the gigantic ships and space bases.

    Completing the experience is a booming soundtrack which makes you feel like you're in the fight of your life, surrounded by death-dealing outlaws. Even if the odds are against you, Starhawk's glittering presentation makes this grand mission appear out of this world.

    Starhawk Gamescom 2011 screenshot

    Gunslinging, sci-fi style

    "It all started with a spark. A flash of blue gold. Rift Energy," begins Starhawk's intense main character Emmett Graves, as you launch into the space bound shooter on PlayStation 3. Putting you in the hardened boots and spurs of the gunslinger, your job in the single player campaign is to help protect territory for the Rifters against the mutated Outcasts. And it's not just about going for your guns...

    Starhawk is about building as much as it is about destroying. While you have an arsenal at your disposal, including sci-fi style rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers, you also have the ability to call down equipment, vehicles and fortifications from orbiting drop ships. The result is a brutal battlefield which dynamically changes at your command, so learn to adapt or die. Warfare doesn't stand still - so why should you?

    If you're protecting an outpost from rampaging Outcasts, why not bring down some sentry guns to blow them away? Need some guns and ammo? A supply bunker is your best shot. Or try a sniper tower to set up a high position and pick off the deadly hordes. If you're creative, you can even position these structures to drop right on top of your enemies...

    All of this is only scratching the gritty surface of Starhawk as the gameplay crackles like the incredible Rift Energy you command. The exciting, non-stop action blazes your senses as you battle on-foot, leap on to a heavy duty Razorback to speed to your next objective and then take the fight to the Outcasts.

    And if the action is hot on the ground, wait until you get into the skies and space where the combat really takes off. Leaping into the Hawk spacecraft lets you fly through asteroids, take down rival ships then transform into a giant robot to land and stomp on your grounded foes. Play how you want to play - Starhawk is an exhilarating intergalactic experience that leaves you seeing stars in the best way possible.

    Starhawk E3 2011 screenshot

    Fight in a new frontier

    The stars are meant to be enjoyed with others - and Starhawk on PS3 gives you the perfect opportunity to fight in space and on planets with and against your buddies. Split-screen co-operative play gives you and a friend the chance to team up and defend your land from waves of deadly enemies. Need reinforcements? Then go online via PlayStation Network and draft in two more pals to help out.

    If you're itching for something a little more competitive, you and up to 31 other friends can battle it out online in a variety of game modes via PlayStation Network. From the kill or be killed deathmatches to the more strategic capture the flag gameplay, there's plenty to get your teeth into. Ten unique maps offer a change of scenery, taking you from rocky landscapes to thrilling space battles.

    Once you've chosen between the mutant Outcasts and the enterprising Rifters, you can customise them to create a unique Starhawk soldier. You also have the option to change the paintwork of your faction's vehicles and add decals for that personal touch as you blow away the competition.

    Jumping into Starhawk's action is an experience you won't forget. The great variety of combat styles and the ability to mix up your strategy by building as well as fighting keeps the gameplay fresh as you're forced to change your tactics at any given moment. The combat is dynamic and rewarding, delivering an exhilarating rush that repays your creativity with the warm glow of victory.

    Go for your gun and shoot for the stars, partner - just don't forget that in Starhawk, there are 31 others out there aiming for the same thing...

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