Sine Mora

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Race against the clock in this visually striking shooter.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: TBC
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  • Play through a thrilling tale of honour and morality in Story Mode or pick your battles in Arcade Mode.
  • Use over 60 weapon combinations and manipulate time to complete each beautiful stage.
  • Outwit a series of intriguing bosses designed by acclaimed anime creator Mahiro Maeda.
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A blast from the past

When it comes to the bitterly cold dish of revenge, not even time can stand in the way of Sine Mora's characters. Ruled by the Layil Empire, the planet Seol has become a harsh place for the Enkie race, who have been either enslaved or exterminated.

Now the Empire is caught in a deadly pincer attack by two separate plots - the first by Ronotra Koss, a father desperate to avenge the death of his son by any means necessary. The second is a group of rebels led by the fierce Akyta Dryad. Neither Ronotra nor Akyta counted on the relentless Argus Pytel, a high-ranking agent of the Empire, to bring them to justice.

As the story unravels you're thrown across different eras as past and future events affect each another. The result is a devastating conclusion that none of the characters could possibly predict...

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Shoot for the sky

Sine Mora aims to catch you off guard at every turn. From the hauntingly calm piano melody that greets you on the title screen to its detailed visuals that resemble a beautiful painting brought to life, this lusciously presented shoot ‘em up captures your imagination... then proceeds to blast your expectations apart with classic gameplay.

You can enjoy Sine Mora's visual loveliness and musical harmonies in four main modes. Story Mode lets you play the game's complex and tragic tale across seven main stages. The Arcade Mode throws you straight into the action without the story cutscenes, while Score Attack gives you a quick blast on any of the previously played stages. And if you want to take on the game's gigantic end of level baddies, then Boss Training is for you.

No matter which mode you decide on, expect a sensory onslaught where everything feels alive. Every plane you fly, enemy vehicle you encounter and robotic giant you face off against is animated with incredible detail. And while you dodge the oncoming ballet of bullets, the screen shakes from explosions, and rival aircraft buzz in and out of the background.

Bringing it all together is a soundtrack that ranges from calming flutes to a stirring techno fusion that flits beneath the frightening drum roll of rapid-fire ammunition. The filmic stage of Sine Mora is set - the only question is whether you have the nerve to step on to it...

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Your time is now

Sine Mora may disarm you with its charming, animated movie style looks, yet beneath its visual beauty rests a beast of challengingly addictive gameplay. Don't worry, though. This classic style side scrolling shoot ‘em up teases you into its action with a Prologue teaching you the basics - then it's up to you to survive...

The first thing you'll notice is that there's no energy bar for the plane you're controlling. Sine Mora uses a different way to gauge damage - time. When you start a stage, a timer begins to count down. Every hit, bump or scrape you take reduces the timer further, while each foe you destroy gives you more time. If the clock reaches zero, your ship is instantly destroyed. The only way to stay alive is to get into the thick of the action, performing daring escapes with pixel perfect manoeuvres and pushing your reaction speed - and thumbs - to their limit.

To help you out, upgrades are available to boost your main weapon, while sub weapons are even more powerful but limited in number. Power-up capsules allow you to use a variety of special abilities for a short period of time. From slowing down the action to repelling bullets, these capsules will save your skin in tight situations, so use them wisely. Beware - if you're hit by an enemy, all of your upgrades, sub weapons and power-ups will spill out of your plane. Don't panic, calmly dodge the remaining bullets and pick them back up.

With its challenging skill levels, score based ranking system, online leader boards and unlockable paint jobs, pilots and weapons, Sine Mora is a powerfully compelling blaster. It encourages and rewards multiple plays, so each time you come against its giant mechanical spiders, massive wrecking balls and mechanical octopus style ships, you'll learn something new and become better at the game. Just remember, there's no place to hide - so jump in and get blasting.

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