The greatest toy line ever mechs its way onto PS2 for a showdown of epic 20ft morphing robot proportions - lordy!

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Melbourne House

    Based on the recent Armada toy line, rather than the classic animated TV series of the 80s, Transformers is a (surprisingly) great adaptation which manages to avoid relying solely on its licence to succeed. Twenty and thirtysomething gamers will no doubt be consumed with misty-eyed nostalgia at the mere mention of those shape-shifting automatons, and indeed a whole new generation are now more than familiar with the likes of Optimus Prime and Megatron, thanks to the re-issue of the hulking mechs (in plastic form) by Hasbro.

    Divided into two factions: all-round good-guy robots the Autobots, and evil no-good wrong-doers the appropriately titled Decepticons, Transformers are giant mechanical warriors with a centuries-old grudge to settle. Bringing the battle to near-future Earth, 2010 to be precise, Atari pits the eternal foes in visually impressive, sprawling battles across superbly rendered environments that just beg to be explored.

    Tooled-up with just one basic weapon initially, you'll head-out as one of three playable characters, Optimus Prime, Hotshot or Red Alert, on a mission to retrieve 'Mini-Cons' - weapon bolt-ons - before the Decepticons bag them and blow the Autobots out of the equation. These powerful pickups augment your existing hardware, with weapons upgrades, such as snipers, missiles and blasters, and defence enhancements that beef-up your shields.

    Tough tactical decisions are necessary here, as you'll only be able to equip four Mini-Cons at any given time, assigned to each shoulder pad. Certain configurations work better in different situations and, as well as strengthening your firepower and shields, the glider Mini-Con bolt-on allows you to traverse levels in double-quick time. Experimenting with combinations will reap rewards when you're up against some of the larger enemies, and the glider 'bot is essential for reaching some areas.

    Whichever Autobot you decide to play as, you'll be amazed by quite how 'accurate' the transforming animation feels. The physics look spot-on and, although we've never actually seen a 20ft robot morph into a truck in the real world (doh!), we're pretty sure this is what it'd look like if we did. Giant transforming robots with big guns - what's not to like?


    • Play as one of three Autobots: Optimus Prime, Hotshot or Red Alert

    • Blast it out with the evil Decepticons in a scrum to gather Mini-Cons, and upgrade your hardware

    • Trundle round huge, immersive worlds with beautifully rendered environments


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      1 Players

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