Red Johnson's Chronicles

  • PS3

Lure them, threaten them, make them talk; in short, do whatever it takes to find the evidence and nail the culprits.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: Lexis Numérique
  • Developer: Lexis Numérique
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    Murder and mystery in Metropolis

    Red Johnson's Chronicles on PlayStation 3 takes you to the decrepit city of Metropolis - a city filled with hatred, gloom and crime. As a loveable rogue and private detective, search the murky streets to find clues and catch a killer who's roaming the town.

    Make sure you don't miss a trick by consulting your trusty notepad. Here, you'll find a record of all the clues you've found, places you have visited and the people you've met. Remember that the deceased was an unpopular man and not all of your interviewees will be co-operative - so be prepared to confront them with lightning reactions if they turn nasty.

    Talk to locals, steer the conversation in the right direction and gain the information you need. The dialogue is packed with tongue-in-cheek humour, a charming addition to any murder mystery.

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    What do they know?

    There's a killer on the loose in Metropolis and, as a cunning private detective, it's your job to hunt him down and uncover the mystery behind the murder of Eddy Lexter - one of the most despised men in town.

    To catch the culprit, you'll need to talk to local people and find out what they know about Eddy, the city and Drownedman's Bridge.

    First up is your friend Saul; he's always close by and can offer you some handy tips if you get stuck solving a puzzle. Not everyone is quite so friendly, and you'll soon discover just how many people had a problem with Eddy Lexter - everyone is a suspect. You'll come across Eddy's wife Theresa who doesn't seem too fond of her late husband or the lifestyle he led. You'll need to work hard and ask the right questions to get some answers out of her.

    Metropolis is a place filled with a bunch of colourful characters, including local police officer Robert, Ringo the homeless drunk and Eddy's close friend Sonia. Each will have information and evidence that will lead you closer to your target.

    Download Red Johnson's Chronicles now from PlayStation Store and begin your own investigation.

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    There’s a killer on the loose

    You're Red Johnson - a private detective on the hunt for a brutal criminal in the run-down American city of Metropolis. When the local cops tell you about a shooting, it's your job to scour the city streets for clues and find the killer on the loose.

    Your quest to find the culprit begins at Drownedman's Bridge - the scene of the murder - as you search for evidence by finding the right items and solving puzzles. Kick off your investigation by rewiring an electrical box to lower a ladder which leads to a surveillance camera. If you can figure out how to eject the tape, you'll find even more clues and a few witnesses that could prove to be helpful.

    There are tons of puzzles to solve and witnesses to interrogate that will bring you closer to finding the killer. Open safes, work out the codes to mobile phones and search apartments for more information. Stuck on a challenge? No problem. Your slick buddy Saul is always nearby to offer some helpful tips - at a reasonable price, of course.

    Head to your headquarters at any time to check out evidence you've found and follow up leads. Your analyser and comparator machines will assess anything you've collected, examine fingerprints and search for links between items.

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