• PS3

What mysteries lie beneath the rain?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Japan Studio / Aquire
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    • Explore a mysterious world where you guide a young boy on a journey to save an invisible girl from ghostly creatures. 
    • Interact with the environment, solve puzzles, navigate through the unknown and use the rain to guide and protect the brave duo.
    • Discover an enchanting new adventure from the creative minds behind TOKYO JUNGLE and echochrome.
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    Strangers in the night

    In his bedroom, sick with a fever, a boy peers out from his window at the pouring rain, wishing his illness had not stopped him visiting the circus with his family. As he stares out into the dark, wet night, something – or is it someone – catches his eye; a young girl runs past, stopping just long enough for their eyes to meet. But something’s wrong; the girl is barely visible, outlined only by the rain that falls around her. And what’s more, something is chasing her…

    As the boy looks on, a sinister creature comes into view, a dark shadow made visible only by the rain that runs off its terrifying body. As the beast pursues the girl, the boy decides he can’t sit back and leave her to whatever terrible fate the creature has planned and dashes out into the rain-soaked street. As he crosses the threshold, something unexpected happens – he too disappears from view, made invisible except for his outline in the downpour and his feet splashing in puddles. Now, to find some answers in this mysterious night, he must find the girl and stop the monsters that are stalking them…

    Rain screenshot

    A drowned world

    The constant rain and abandoned streets give rain a thoroughly immersive and wonderfully atmospheric feel. As you control the watery silhouette of the unnamed boy, taking note of your surroundings and using them to your advantage is vital in staying away from the creatures that chase you through the deserted town. Taking shelter from the rain means the boy turns entirely invisible, so often you’ll need to pay close attention as you only have a set of footprints to guide past the lurking monsters.

    Because of the dark settings of the game, the occasional use of colour in the game’s locations becomes even more striking and emotive. Walk through a gloomy graveyard for instance, and you’ll suddenly be taken aback by a burst of joyful red flowers as the boy passes through some bushes. There are some truly awe-inspiring sights to take in, like the towering church in Act II, made all the more impressive by its reflections in the puddles below.

    Underpinning the gameplay is an original music score, written to complement each section of the game. Ranging from sparse instrumentation to stirring piano led pieces, the soundtrack is also available to purchase from PlayStation Store.

    Rain screenshot

    Take shelter from the storm

    To guide the boy in his pursuit of the invisible girl and avoid the deadly creatures that prowl through the night, you’ll need to think quickly and logically to solve the puzzles which stand in your way. Controlling the boy is a simple combination of running, jumping and climbing, or using the action button to interact with the environment. Step out of the rain and into shelter and he’ll disappear completely, allowing you to guide him past the monsters unseen. Step into a large puddle however, and he’ll make too much noise and alert them; walk through a muddy puddle and his dirty legs and footprints will give the boy’s position away.

    Sometimes, attracting the beasts’ attention is exactly what is needed to pass through an area. Using sound to distract them or lure the creatures towards a certain area could bring scaffolding crashing down on them or open up a path, allowing the boy to pass by unseen. You’ll also have to look out for switches and levers that can move parts of the environment around, allowing the boy to edge another step closer to the girl. Make too much noise or step into the rain at the wrong time and the monsters will pounce with alarming speed and ferocity, so be sure to plan your route through each setting if you want to solve the mystery and make it back home in one piece.

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