Patchwork Heroes

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Destroy a huge warship before it reaches and ruins your city.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Puzzle / Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCE Japan Studio
    Patchwork Heroes screenshot
    • Dodge the enemy fire while you rescue the people left inside the ship’s cells.
    • Destroy the ship before it strikes your city.
    • Cut each ship up into tiny parts to prevent it from flying.
    Patchwork Heroes screenshot

    A cut above the rest

    Patchwork Heroes puts you in the role of Titori, charming leader of the brave band of daredevils fighting to save their city, family and friends from deadly flying warships.

    Titori's home was a peaceful place before these deadly engines of destruction appeared on the horizon, terrifying and threatening the lives of everyone below. Now, Titori and the other city dwellers must hack the pesky oncoming warships to bits to preserve their way of life.

    Transported in a custom built flying machine, you lead the resistance against each ship while an announcer fills you in on what the mission has in store. They instruct you on any special requirements you may need, such as the power-enhancing Mojo, which will help you saw your way through some particularly tough bits of the ship's hull.

    During your quest you will face bigger warships, with more weapons, enemies and on-board missions. Listen to your announcer before boarding and choose your path carefully to become the saviour of the city...


    Patchwork Heroes screenshot

    A lovely patchwork of presentation

    There's a distinctive art style to Patchwork Heroes which makes it a wonderfully unique title to look at. Inspired by the animated films of Yuriy Borisovich Norshteyn and classic animated movies, the Acquire developed game presents large brooding warships and endearing characters as enchanting paper cut-outs, appropriately patched together with colourful charm.

    Its retro-animated design and whimsical soundtrack fit perfectly with the tone Patchwork Heroes sets - open, friendly and appealing, hitting all the right notes to draw you into a world fraught with fast thrills and tactical manoeuvres. Complementing this welcoming feel is a Tutorial Mode that eases you into the game's intricacies, making sure you're fit for the task ahead.

    If you want to take a break from your warship destroying mission, there's a nice array of extras to play with, including a Challenge Mode which gives you specific objectives such as slicing off certain enemies within a time limit or rescuing a number of imprisoned allies. There's also a handy Records menu to see how you performed on each of the levels, check out the game's loveable cast and more.



    Patchwork Heroes screenshot

    We came, we saw

    Patchwork Heroes puts the fate of a city in your hands as a deadly airborne warship threatens the lives of innocent citizens. You must stop this warship from reaching the settlement, before it destroys everyone who lives there.

    How do you perform such a huge and gruelling task? Cut the ship into pieces, of course. Along with your comrades, you must board the ship and quickly slice, saw and slash bits off it until it can go no further.

    While rescuing other comrades and chopping up the ship, be aware of the deadly enemies trying to stop your mission. Cannons, bombs and giant deadly spiders are aboard, along with some sneaky mechanical insects that will repair your hard-earned destruction.

    With plenty of pick-ups to stop time, detonate bombs and boost your speed, you can find new and inventive ways to send the ship crashing to the ground before your time is up and the city is toast.

    Patchwork Heroes provides you with some frantic and tactical gameplay, where the contrast of clear planning and complete destruction pave the path to victory. It’s a refreshingly different blast of pick up and play fun.


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