Namco endeavour to sate those itchy trigger fingers with more gun-toting militaristic mayhem in the form of innovative 3D actioner kill.switch

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Namco

    Displaying a wanton disregard for the rules of punctuation, Namco is unleashing its grammar-confounding shooty adventure kill.switch onto PlayStation 2. Set in a variety of war-themed environments across a range of continents, with AI-enhanced enemies lurking in every corner, kill.switch has at its core a traditional arcade shooter, laced liberally with tactical gameplay and all-out gung-ho action. Think Metal Gear, only without the lengthy cutaways and stealthy elements, and you're close.

    Setting out on a variety of missions to hotspots around the world, from Middle Eastern deserts to the Caspian Sea, you'll tout a fearsome range of weaponry for fending off errant foes. Everything from the trusty AK47 to sniper rifles are on hand for dispensing with bad guys in double-quick time. But the big news about kill.switch isn't the range of automatic weaponry available for cutting a swathe through the opposition; it's what you can do with them that counts.

    The nifty new Offensive Cover System and Blindfire features are what really set this game apart from the rest. Sneak up to virtually any piece of scenery you fancy and hide behind it with the handy Offensive Cover System, or take pot shots at the bad guys, Hollywood style, using the Blindfire feature. Of course, as the title 'Blindfire' would probably suggest, you can't actually see anything, making shots on target something of a rarity, but you do look cool doing it. Gun-heavy it may be, but kill.switch places more of an emphasis on tactics than run and gun antics, so don't go charging into the fray weapons a-blazing, or you'll be cannon fodder in no time.


    • Over 18 levels in locations across the globe

    • Wield an impressive armoury, with AK47s and sniper rifles amongst the goodies on offer

    • Unique Offensive Cover System and Blindfire features allow you to duck and fire wherever you like


    • Players

      1 Players


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