DRAGONBALL: Evolution™

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The fate of the world is in your hands as the manga legend comes to life.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Fighting / Action
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Developer: Namco
    Dragonball Evolution screenshot

    DRAGONBALL: Evolution is a cutting-edge fighting game that delivers a fresh cinematic gaming experience with a stylised, fast paced and contemporary take on the classic martial arts genre.

    Join Goku in a race to retrieve seven mystical Dragon Balls before evil Lord Piccolo can unleash their power on mankind.

    • Intense head-to-head combat with a cast of familiar characters
    • Six game modes, including Network Battle Mode and Gallery Mode
    • Dozens of powerful moves, hours of gameplay
    Dragonball Evolution screenshot

    Combat evolves on PSP

    Embark on a quest to become the ultimate champion in Dragonball Evolution.

    Based on the film adaptation of the hugely popular Manga and comic book series, DRAGONBALL: Evolution is a PSP exclusive, putting you in control of classic characters from the series in intense fights. The game features a number of modes to test your might with including an in-depth story campaign, arcade play, Ad Hoc Mode Network Battle, training and Mission Mode.

    Journey of a hero

    In story mode players take on the role of Son Goku, a teenager who finds himself involved in a trek across the globe for seven magical orbs, the owner of which will be granted a single wish. Of course there is always a villain and that is Piccolo, a demon warrior desperate to own the orbs, rule the world and exact a terrible vengeance on those who imprisoned him many years ago. As you progress through the mode, you play as Goku for the majority of the time but switch back and forth between different characters from the film including Bulma, Roshi, Yamcha, Gohan in order to advance the story.

    Combat moves are performed using the Square button for attack, the Triangle button to trigger a smash attack and the Circle button to perform special moves, while the X button blocks incoming attacks. Combining both the Square and Triangle buttons is the quickest way to defeat your enemy as they unleash of series of quick hitting combos that can drain an enemy's health swiftly if performed correctly. In Arcade Mode things remain much the same except that you can select just one character and play with them right the way through on various modes of difficulty, the most testing being Dragon. A friend can join in on the high kicking action with Ad Hoc Mode multiplayer while training missions are a great way to hone your skills so you can take down enemies with much more finesse using your special move.

    Master the moves

    These special moves are linked to your Ki, which constantly depletes at the bottom of the screen the more you perform them in a fight. If it reaches zero your character is left vulnerable for a short time while recuperating. To master your Ki, you will need to strike a balance between attacking and holding back for a brief moment or two while it replenishes. Another way to test your fighting skills is to take on the Mission Mode challenge where you are required to complete certain objectives during battle such as fighting without using a special move or having to avoid taking any damage.

    These present a tough challenge for even the most seasoned Dragonball fighters and offer up plenty of additional replay value for anyone wishing to push their brawling abilities to the limit. For fans of the movie there's a wealth of treats in store thanks to a series of unlockable material including an insider's peek behind the scenes in the brilliant Gallery mode that immerses you deeply in the production of the blockbuster film.

    Dragonball is an addictive fighting game that delivers a fresh cinematic punch with a stylised, fast-paced and intriguing spin on the fighting genre. Your training to become the ultimate warrior starts here!


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