Disney Infinity

  • PS3

Their world, your imagination, no rules.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive
  • Developer: Avalanche
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    • Bring to life the adventures of Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles.
    • Race, fight, explore, build and create your own world in the Toy Box.
    • Mix and mash up your characters, items and buildings for infinite possibilities.
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    Infinite possibilities

    A magical world filled with toys is waiting - all you need to begin is the Disney Infinity Starter Pack and your PlayStation 3 - and don't forget to bring your imagination!

    Leap into a new adventure with each Play Set. Get started by diving into one of three fun worlds - The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc. and Pirates of the Caribbean Play Sets are all contained within the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.

    You can even create your own adventure in Toy Box mode - playing through each Play Set unlocks unique items that can be used to build your own mini-games for you and your friends to play using your favourite Disney characters.

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    Dazzlingly Disney

    Whether you're a fan of live action films like The Lone Ranger or have a love for animated classics like Cars and Toy Story, Disney Infinity has a cast of characters ready for you to place on the Infinity Base and be magically transported into the game.

    The Disney Infinity Starter Pack is the best place to begin. Within this pack you'll get a copy of the game, the Infinity Base that carries your figures into the game world, and three characters - Sully from Monsters, Inc., Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles.

    Right now there are more than 15 characters available across the Play Set Packs that you can pick up from shops on your high street - and there are literally hundreds of characters waiting in the wings to be thrown into your Toy Box.

    Disney Infinity screenshot

    Build your own adventure

    Using a Play Set piece and the Infinity Base, you'll be transported into a massive adventure featuring well-known Disney films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lone Ranger. Be sure to take along a corresponding character into each world, as characters from one world can't jump into any other.

    If you're eager to match together your own crazy pairing - like Lightning McQueen from Cars alongside Mike from Monsters, Inc. - then Toy Box is the mode for you. Bring along a friend to control a secondary character in split screen co-op or join up to three friends online and let your imaginations run wild.

    Use the toy pieces you unlock as you play within each Play Set to create your own fun challenges in the Toy Box. Don't forget that your figures store the XP (Experience Points) level and tools you've earned, so you can carry on playing where you last left off, even when you take your favourite figures to use on a friend's PS3.

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