de Blob 2

  • PS3

The revolution will be colourised.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Blue Tongue
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    • Set off on an action-packed colour adventure where custom paints, patterns and music bring the world to life - any way you want.
    • Speed smash through walls, jet jump over skyscrapers and slam squash Inkys with all new power-ups that turn you into a super Blob.
    • Paint your way past icy outposts, tropical bio domes and distant space stations to free the fair citizens of Prisma City.   
    de Blob 2 screenshot

    It’s your world, only shinier

    Fun has never been so colourful. de Blob 2 on PlayStation 3 is all about changing your world for the better and brighter - a revolution of colour, with you in control.

    Firing you into this lovely looking platform adventure, de Blob 2 bubbles with liveliness and appeal from the start. Its computer animated intro wouldn't look out of place in a cinema as it tells the story of our hero Blob and his attempt to foil the dastardly Comrade Black's plan to turn the citizens of Prisma City into lifeless, colourless drones.

    Only you can stop this dishonest deed, along with the help of Blob's faithful friend, Pinky. And Blob's powers are just the trick for the job, allowing him to soak up paint and splash it around the grey environments to bring them to life. The levels explode in colour, making the cartoon visuals leap from the screen - almost literally if you have a stereoscopic 3D TV as de Blob 2's graphics become a deep and rich land which you feel you can almost reach out and touch.

    Strikingly jazzy and uptempo music rounds off the game's presentation nicely. The more you paint the world around you, the more instruments are added to the soundtrack, from trumpets to DJ turntable scratching.

    Funny, attractive and offering a story full of positive feel-good messages, de Blob 2 is perfect for anyone looking to add a little colour to their lives.

    de Blob 2 screenshot

    Rainbow bright

    Are you a colour criminal? Blob is - although given how drab and colourless Prisma City looks at the start of the game, transforming your environment into a multicoloured wonderland is no crime. Blob and Pinky are the only ones willing to stand up to Comrade Black and his Inkies, who want to turn Prisma into a dull wasteland.

    It's a good thing Blob has some incredible powers to help defeat Black. Blob can absorb the colour of any paint wells or waterfalls, and then paint the grey environment around him by rolling over it. Trees, cars, buildings and even Prisma City's fair citizens are brought back to colourful life with your actions.

    Don't expect this to be an easy task. Black's influence has spread everywhere. Deadly ink pools can poison Blob, while enemies such as the Blanc Cult have risen up to stop any attempts to re-colour Prisma.

    Thankfully Blob is well equipped to deal with such problems. Using the colour energy absorbed by paint, you can fire Blob into foes, changing them into more pleasant and happy citizens, as well as freeing anyone trapped in grey prisons. Barriers can be smashed into to reveal bonuses and secret paths, and upgrades can be used to increase Blob's durability, abilities and paint absorbing size.

    Full of cheerful and entertaining gameplay, de Blob 2 is a joy for anyone who loves platforming fun with a charming, colourful twist.

    de Blob 2 screenshot

    Show your colours

    The titanic task of restoring colour to Prisma City is made easier with the two player mode in de Blob 2. Using a second wireless controller or a PlayStation Move motion controller, a friend or member of your family can take control of Blob's faithful ally, Pinky. By aiming an on-screen cursor and firing, Pinky's shots can stun enemies, collect items, change Blob's colour, paint the world around Blob and more.

    Perfect for parents who want to join in with their kids game or for younger players learning how to play, this co-operative mode is a brilliant way to discover the main delights of de Blob 2, letting the second player hop in and out of the game whenever they want.

    Feeling a little more competitive? Then the Blob Party mode is just for you. You and a friend must complete special missions against the clock in a split screen mode. Gain more colour energy points than your rival by completing tasks such as painting a number of targets or bringing items to life with a splash of colour. Don't let your competitive streak take over, as there are some objectives which require active co-operation.

    As vibrant as the single player mode, de Blob 2's multiplayer options round off a lovely toy box of fun that anyone can enjoy.

    • 3D Compatible

      3D Compatible

    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • 720p



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