Blade Kitten

  • PS3

Explore the world of Hollow Wish as the feline bounty hunter Kit Ballard.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Krome Studios
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    • Become the focal points of a series of mysterious events on the planet of Hollow Wish.
    • Hunt down local rogues together with your alien sidekick Skiffy and your sword, the Darque Blade.
    • Uncover a dark secret about Hollow Wish and its inhabitants, but beware that your actions will affect the destiny of an entire planet...
    Blade Kitten screenshot

    One cool cat

    Available to download from PlayStation Store, Blade Kitten follows the fortunes of renowned bounty hunter Kit Ballard and her alien sidekick Skiffy.

    Hailing from the Korunda System, Kit is one of the last survivors of the Felion race, a genetically engineered human species created by the Sol Triumvirate of planets to colonize other worlds. Kit’s a sassy human/cat hybrid and she takes no prisoners in her efforts to track down her prey.

    Hot on the trail of gang leader Terra-Li, Kit arrives on the mysterious Hollow Wish, a lawless frontier planet deep in the solar system. Within moments of landing, she runs into trouble when her ship is destroyed by rival Justice Kreel, who snaffles Kit's Breaker Key which she’ll need to claim her bounty.

    With her trusty Darque Blade at close hand, Kit chases down Kreel, all the while searching out precious Hex currency, eliminating enemies and solving puzzles to continue her quest.

    Once she reclaims her key from Kreel, Kit turns her attention to tracking down Terra-Li, the leader of a cult that has made its home on Hollow Wish. Along the way Kit uncovers a dark secret about the planet and its inhabitants, and her actions come to affect the destiny of Hollow Wish.

    Blade Kitten screenshot

    Brave new world

    Blade Kitten is based on an anime webcomic series and the game marries a striking art style with side scrolling 2D gameplay to create a fresh take on the platform genre.

    From the outset, you take control of Kit as you work your way through the levels that make up Hollow Wish, using the floating Darque Blade to dispose of enemies with a combination of close quarter and long-range attacks. Your blade comes in handy for activating switches and for clearing new paths too.

    Dotted throughout the levels is Hex, the standard currency on Hollow Wish, and it’s worth taking your time exploring each level to uncover hidden treasure chests which give a healthy boost to your total.

    Helping you along is Skiffy, small in size and useful for picking up Hex in unreachable locations and for unlocking certain areas within levels; just look out for the Triangle icon on-screen, press the Triangle button and Skiffy jumps in on the action.

    You'll also interact with some of the other inhabitants of Hollow Wish on your quest, such as Noots, dinosaur-like creatures you can ride to cover distance more quickly or to help you reach up to otherwise inaccessible areas.

    At any point during your mission, you can bring up the Breaker Menu by pressing the SELECT button on your Wireless Controller. As well as giving you an overview of your game progress, you can access the Weaporium to purchase health, weapon and costume upgrades using your hard-earned Hex.

    Download Blade Kitten from PlayStation Store now and dive into a fresh new take on a classic gaming genre.

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