Bentley’s Hackpack™

  • Also on PS3

Hit Bentley’s arcade hang-out to play three retro-tinged games.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Sanzaru Games Inc.
  • Also on PS3
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  • Spark Runner: Pick a path through a tricky, circuit board obstacle course before the clock runs out.
  • Alter Ego: Bypass security systems as you fly through a deadly maze, collecting Ion Bits to level up Bentley’s alter ego as you go.
  • System Cracker: Climb aboard the Shell Code tank and blast anything that stands between you and the docking gate at the end of each level.
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Classic gaming gets a classic look

Video arcade centres have never looked cooler than in Bentley's Hackpack. This cheerful PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game gives you a sneaky peek at what the Cooper Gang and their enemies get up to when they're not on daring adventures. Rather than relaxing at home, they like nothing more than a blast on the hottest video games and now you can get in on the action.

Bentley's Hackpack is full of addictive, bite-sized gameplay which is perfect for a quick blast on PS3 or when you're on the move with your PS Vita - and thanks to Cross-Buy, you'll only have to pay once to receive both versions. Make good use of the handy tips during the loading screens and climb your way up the online leader boards to become an arcade legend, just like Bentley himself...

Bentley's Arcade is home to the flashing lights and bouncy sounds of our turtle-shaped hero's favourite button bashers. Three mini-games await your skills: Spark Runner, Alter Ego and System Cracker. Each possesses a classic retro style, exploding into life with sparkling special effects as you guide Bentley's in-game character around glowing neon mazes. Colourful, sharp and lively, these visuals make you feel like you're inside a video game, where only fast reactions and quick thinking can keep you alive.

Fans of The Sly Trilogy are in for a treat as some familiar faces from the series join you in the joystick-waggling fun. Characters such as Carmelita, Murray and Sly Cooper all add extra spark to Bentley's Hackpack. Can you spot all the cameos in the game? Look out also for the dozens of rewards to unlock, such as masks, treasure chests and artefacts from the series.

Bentley's Hackpack screenshot

Grab a quick game on the sly

Welcome to Bentley's Arcade, a place which puts video game classics at your fingertips - and you don't even need a bag of coins jangling in your pocket to play. Bentley's Hackpack features three great mini-games to fire up your imagination and test your reflexes.

The first mini-game is Spark Runner. Use the motion-sensing features of your PS Vita system or the wireless controller on PlayStation 3 to guide Bentley's character through a tricky circuit board style maze. Don't touch the electrified railings, collect as many sparks as you can and beat the clock to maximise your score.

Next up is System Cracker, where you climb aboard your Shell Code tank and blast your way to the end of a labyrinth filled with rival vehicles, deadly turrets and other pitfalls. Be sure to switch into other tanks, such as the powerful Panzer Code, to destroy any firewalls in your path.

Then there's the shoot-‘em-up styled Alter Ego, which challenges you to fly through a deadly maze to bypass lethal security systems. Collect as many Ion Bits as you can to level up Bentley's alter ego and don't get caught in tight spaces as not even a superpowered Bentley can survive being crushed against a wall.

Each mini-game features 24 stages of increasing difficulty, and a variety of challenges to complete, such as finishing the stage with maximum health, collecting all of the hidden Sly masks during a level and scoring a number of points. Success earns you coins which you can spend at the in-game prizes booth.

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