• PS3

Join the fight for galactic domination in the distant future...

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: dtp entertainment
  • Developer: Ronimo Games
    Awesomenauts Featured Image
    • Dive headlong into a series of raging conflicts as droid armies, space cowboys and giant robots vie for supremacy.
    • Take control of several unique and highly customizable Awesomenauts, from Yuri, the jet pack-flying space monkey to Clunk, a giant robot with anger management issues.
    • Outsmart your enemies, buy items to increase your power and destroy turrets to push your way to the enemy base.
    • Players

      1-3 Players

    • Network Features

      Network Features

    • 720p


    • Network Players

      1-6 Network Players

    • Network Play

      Network Play


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