Just Cause 2

  • PS3

Attempt to eliminate your corrupt former commanding officer in this adrenalin-fuelled free roaming adventure.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Eidos
  • Developer: Avalanche
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    • Experience complete aerial freedom while you leap between buildings, scale walls and hang from helicopters.
    • Overpower your enemies by suspending them from buildings and attaching them to high-speed vehicles.
    • Discover hundreds of new weapons and vehicles during your adventure.
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    Seek and destroy

    Just Cause 2 on PlayStation 3 puts you in control of Rico Rodriguez, the action superstar from Just Cause on PlayStation 2. Your goal is to infiltrate the island of Panau and locate and execute your former commanding officer, Tom Sheldon, who has disappeared along with millions of Agency cash and a cache of top secret material. Alongside this objective, you have to watch your back as you upset the balance on the island and incur the wrath of its ruthless dictator, Baby Panay, while teaming with three rival gangs: the Reapers, the Ular Boys and the Roaches.

    Each gang will give you a vast array of missions ranging from stealing sensitive materials to capturing witnesses being held by the island's armed forces. It's not going to be easy but along the way you'll have help with over 100 land, sea and air vehicles to command as well as a huge arsenal of weaponry, and Rico's trusty grappling hook and parachute which are perfect for getting you out of sticky situations.

    Just Cause 2 screenshot

    Island life

    Developer Avalanche has created a huge island filled with a wealth of small towns and cities for you to explore which means there are endless hours of fun on offer in Just Cause 2. Everything from forests to snow-capped mountains and desert terrain has been included, which offers up a huge amount of variety in terms of locations. In fact, the island of Panau is so big that it encompasses 1,000 square kilometres in total, which means getting around may take some time depending on how you approach your journey.

    While the easiest way to reach distant places is by calling in a chopper ride via your Black Market contact, you may want to do it the old-fashioned way and explore the island in a vehicle. That may take you a while but it's the perfect way to hunt down hidden caches of weapons and money plus unlock new areas and side missions as you journey to your objective. Suffice to say, you will almost never run out of new areas to uncover while traversing the mammoth map in Just Cause 2.

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    Mass destruction

    The island of Panau is a playground for chaos, all of which will be caused by you over the course of the game. The goal is to create as much carnage as possible as you play through the game in order to trigger missions that will further the story and allow you to locate Sheldon for the final showdown. One of the most enjoyable weapons in Just Cause was Rico’s grappling hook which has been enhanced for the sequel to allow for more robust moves and plenty of fun. The grappling hook is now attached to his arm which means you can yank enemies from rooftops and tether them to each other or objects in the environment including poles, buildings or even moving vehicles such as cars – and aircraft!

    Another piece of equipment that makes a welcome return is the parachute, which allows you to perform adrenaline-fuelled base jumps from buildings, cliffs and all the aerial vehicles available to you in the game. As you progress through each mission you can also call upon a Black Market operative who will deliver brand new weapons to you as well as transport you to any part of the map you have already discovered, should you need to get there in a hurry to trigger a mission. Along with the spectacular gadgetry on offer, you will also be able to wield everything from machine guns to laser guided rockets and mini-guns, so nothing will stand in the way of your ultimate goal.

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    Capture the moment

    One of the most addictive features of Just Cause 2 is the exclusive video capturing ability, as you can record all your craziest stunts, grappling attacks and moments of pure adrenaline-filled madness created by you to share with the whole world and the PlayStation community on YouTube. The capturing device allows you to record either 30 seconds or ten full minutes of footage.

    When capturing shorter clips, the system grabs the last 30 seconds of gameplay, whatever it is you happened to be doing at the time, whether it's surfing on a car or plane or diving off the edge of a building. Using the ten minute feature allows you to set up extended moments of mayhem perfect for showing off much more elaborate stunts and explosions. In Just Cause 2 chaos is your business and business is good.

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