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Say hello to the newest member of your family: the mischievous, marvellous EyePet!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
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EyePet screenshot
  • See your very own EyePet scampering about in your living room
  • Style your EyePet’s fur, collect new outfits and make him unique
  • Draw new toys and watch as they spring to life!

You will no longer be able to use the online features for this title from 29th March 2018

EyePet screenshot

Your very own Pet

Welcome to the incredible world of EyePet, an extraordinary experience which introduces a cheeky and fun new addition to your family. The set up is easy - simply create a clear and well lit space in front of your TV, plug in a PlayStation Eye camera, and then place the Magic Card (included with game) on the floor. The PlayStation Eye camera puts you and your EyePet into the same scene on TV, allowing you both to interact and play together.

Your Pet arrives in a cosy egg, eventually hatching under your care to reveal a friendly and adorable little creature, ready for your affection. Just make sure you give him a good name...

Fluffy and endearing, your Pet can also be given a more personal touch with a little imagination and makeover magic. You can change the colour, style and patterns of his fur and also grow it long or make it spiky and short... or even shave it low for a smooth look. How about dressing up your Pet, too? There are a variety of snazzy outfits to choose from, such as a dragon, cheerleader or even a spacesuit.

And with a constantly new batch of costumes, fur designs, toys and accessories available to download from the in-game store you can keep your Pet entertained and his wardrobe fresh.

EyePet screenshot

Smarter than your average pet

Your Pet is like having a super smart kitten or puppy in your living room, without worrying about scratched furniture or house training - it's all the fun and none of the mess. From the start, your Pet will take an interest in you and your movements, following your hands if you wave them or wiggle your fingers, scampering and pouncing around the floor with playful curiosity.

Stroke him and you'll hear a purr of happiness, before rolling over in joy and maybe even falling asleep to dream about the fun he's already had with you that day. And after waking up, he'll stretch, shake himself and get ready to play. You can even speak and sing songs to him that he'll copy.

Just like a real pet, you have to make sure your EyePet is a healthy and happy soul. While you can leave him alone to entertain himself, chasing his tail, looking at anything passing by and even naughtily drawing pictures on the floor, you still have to take care of him. By using your Magic Card, you can scan your Pet to check his mood, hunger and health, before feeding, washing or just playing with him to chase his blues away.

With the ability to take pictures and videos of your favourite EyePet moments - which you can post online for other EyePet owners to admire - there's never-ending ways to enjoy life with your new best friend. EyePet is a cheeky and intelligent pet for all the family. The more you play, teach and interact with him, the more he'll grow and evolve - and the more you'll bond with him.

There's never been a pet experience quite like EyePet - and he's all yours...

EyePet screenshot

Pet playtime

Never fear if this is your first time with a pet - EyePet is well designed to introduce you into how to care for him, as well as help him mature from a cute baby into a very clever and energetic adult. By entering the 15-day training programme, you can learn a lot about your Pet and how to interact with him.

The programme is made up of 60 challenges, with activities such as learning how to make your Pet jump, feeding and washing him, playing games (such as bowling and trampoline) and teaching him how to draw - something which will astonish you. If you draw a picture and show it to your Pet using the PlayStation Eye camera, he will copy it to the best of his ability and then show his creativity with pride. The more you teach him, the better he'll become.

And that's not all - by unlocking the magic pen you can draw toys such as a spaceship, plane or car for your Pet. Once you've shown them to the PlayStation Eye camera, they come to life in 3D, which you can control using the Wireless Controller and enjoy games between you and your Pet, or something for him to ride in.

Take care of your Pet by completing the challenges and you'll receive lots of prizes including clothing and craft materials for your toys, as well as being rewarded with pet coins that let you purchase a variety of in-game goodies.


For more information about the technology and patents used for EyePet, visit: sonycsl.co.jp/en/research_gallery/augmented-reality.html

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