The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Bandai Namco Entertainment
Premiera 18/05/2015
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PS4, PS5
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CD Projekt Red
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Game overview

The sword of destiny has two edges. You are one of them.

You are Geralt, from the city of Rivia. All around you the towns and settlements of the Northern Kingdoms are being razed to the ground, as an otherworldly invading army known only as the Wild Hunt leaves a trail of blood-soaked destruction in its wake.

As you prepare for a thunderous confrontation with the Wild Hunt, you’ll uncover a complex, gripping story and meet unforgettable characters. While exploring the Northern Kingdoms, you’ll discover that mysteries lurk inside every village, tree, and shadow.


Discover the Northern Kingdoms

Novigrad: squalor and splendor

Navigate a web of wealthy merchants, religious fanatics, and scandalous street-walkers in the grimy port town of Novigrad. A city divided by political rivalry and powerful criminal undercurrents, you’ll find words and wit serve better than any blade, so pick your allegiances carefully.

Velen: disputed territory

Trawl vibrant villages, boggy marshes, and forgotten caverns in the heart of the Northern Kingdoms. Velen’s battle-scarred hinterlands are home to some of the nation’s darkest secrets and most dangerous beasts. Tread carefully among the endless wilderness, but be sure to leave no stone unturned.

The Skellige Isles: beyond the sea

Travel to an island nation of warrior clans, weather-beaten fishing villages, and ferocious giants. The ancient peoples of Skellige respect two things above all else: the sea, and their elders. Prove your worthiness to discover the true wealth of these frozen isles.

tips and tricks

Beginner's guide


Your swords: silver or steel?

Geralt starts the game with two swords on his back: the left is steel, good when facing off against bandits or wild animals; the right is a witcher’s silver sword, specially designed for bigger prey like griffins, wraiths, or werewolves. Your enemy’s health bar indicates which sword you’ll need, so always check: grey means silver, red means steel.

A witcher's potions: eye of newt

Witchers can brew strong potions to temporarily boost their strength and stamina or endow themselves with other special abilities. New potion recipes can be collected as you progress, but be careful: there’s a limit to how many Geralt can withstand. Only take the ones you need and keep an eye on the green “toxicity” meter below your health bar.

The bestiary: brains before brawn

The key to success in monster hunting is preparation, and knowing your enemy will make all the difference. Check out the ‘bestiary’ for information on your prey. Learn their strengths and weaknesses, and gather everything you need before going into battle.

Crafting: hammer and tongs

While shopkeepers are well stocked, some specialist items have to be built to order. For a small price, armorers and smiths will build whatever you need: provide them with a diagram, the necessary materials, and they’ll deliver the goods. They can also repair battle-damaged armor and weapons

Alchemy: brew up a storm

Geralt can use alchemy to create many items to help him in battle. Blade oils deal extra damage when wielding melee weapons, while bombs offer a range of ballistic effects and can be used both in and out of combat. Once synthesized, these items can be automatically replenished using strong alcohol.

Materials: supply and demand

Exploring and looting are cheap ways to gather what you need, but are also time-consuming. Buying from merchants can be more convenient, but they’ll charge handsomely. Sometimes it’s worth checking your inventory first: smiths can dismantle unwanted items to yield base materials, so you may already have everything you need.

Side quests: off the beaten path...

There’s plenty to discover away from Geralt’s main quest. Town noticeboards will provide new contracts or local rumors to follow up and are a great way to develop your skills. Track down a missing person, take out a bandit encampment, or hunt for lost treasure – new items, additional experience, or even a romantic tryst can await the plucky explorer.

Pick your fights: he who dares...

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! You can often tackle enemies and quests above your current level - particularly if you plan ahead. Don’t be afraid to dive in: enhancing your blade on a smith’s sharpening stone and applying a little blade oil may be all you need to bring down a foe two or three levels above you.

Expansion Pass

Venture further

Hearts of Stone

Enter into an unlikely bargain with ruthless bandit Olgierd von Everec - a man with the power of immortality - in this additional story quest for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Encounter more unforgettable characters, terrifying monsters, and heart-rending choices as the legendary Geralt of Rivia returns in over ten hours of add-on content. 

Bewitching loves and terrible foes await you in the treacherous Northern Kingdoms: will you brave romance in the tavern or court death in the arena?

It's all in a day's work for a professional monster hunter. 

Blood and Wine 

Travel to the remote and vibrant land of Toussaint - a completely new region of the Northern Kingdoms - in over thirty hours of additional content. Set in a tranquil province dotted with sun-kissed vineyards, stunning architecture, and flamboyant locals, not all is as it seems when Geralt of Rivia sidles into town.

Unravel the dark secrets behind a slew of mysterious murders which have begun to blight the region. With keen Witcher senses to guide you, embark on a new quest featuring never-before-seen creatures and brand new weapons and armor to tackle them. 

Outside of the main story, there's plenty more to explore. Collect a brand-new Skellige Gwent deck and challenge a roster of new opponents, take on additional Witcher contracts, and even buy your very own vineyard.

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