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Use your brain as the ultimate weapon to deceive and mislead your enemy.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Eugen Systems
    • Play as American officer Joe Sheridan, and use various ruses to spy on enemies, hide your units and camouflage allied buildings.
    • Combine deceptive strategies to conquer the battleground and lead your nation's army to victory.
    • Lead allied forces across Europe, Africa and Russia in campaign mode.
    • Get closer to the action with PlayStation Move motion controller features.
    RUSE screenshot

    Nice view

    R.U.S.E. is a fun and brain-teasing real time strategy game that drops you in the middle of some of the greatest battles of the Western Front during the Second World War as a commander of an entire armed force. The game features a truly unique game mechanic called the IrisZoom Engine that allows you to quickly zoom in and out of the battlefield with ease.

    When using the IrisZoom Engine, you can alternate between strategic and tactical manoeuvres and decisions on the battlefield in an attempt to one-up your opponent with finesse.

    RUSE screenshot

    War games

    R.U.S.E. also equips you with a number of special abilities during battle. These ruses of war have the ability to drastically alter either your own or your enemy's perception of what is unfolding during some of the game's hectic skirmishes. To truly master the art of war in R.U.S.E. you're going to need to learn each of the maps and these tactical special abilities. Once you do, you'll be able to construct a series of almost unstoppable battlefield strategies and crush your opponent.

    There are ten ruses in total for you to trigger during battles, including Decoy Building, Radio Silence, Camouflage Nets, Decryption, Spy, Decoy Army, Reverted Intel, Blitz, Terror and Fanaticism. To trigger one, simply open up the Production Menu by pressing the Triangle button on the Wireless Controller and select the ruse you wish to use. Each one also has its own interesting attribute. For example, a Decoy Building allows you to construct a dummy building that will destroy enemy infantry instantly by detonating a series of booby traps when an enemy is foolish enough to enter it.

    Triggering Decryption is an extremely useful ruse because it actually allows you to see the orders given by an enemy commander to their units, which in turn provides a distinct advantage when launching an offensive attack. R.U.S.E. requires a certain amount of thinking and planning, so it's not a wise decision to rush straight into battle unprepared. Taking this approach will most likely result in a crushing defeat. In R.U.S.E., battles are won with brains and not brute force.

    A new way to wage war

    R.U.S.E. can be played using a Wireless Controller or the PlayStation Move motion controller, depending on your preference. Using PlayStation Move, you point the motion controller at the screen and select the unit you want to take control of by pressing the Move button. From there, you can move your unit wherever you want on the map. Press the Square button to select all units of the same type in an allotted radius to move larger groups of infantry in one simple move.

    To attack an enemy, point the PlayStation Move motion controller at a target and press the Move button. Before you attack an enemy, a number of statistics will appear next to the target informing you of your chances of a successful attack.

    If you want to zoom in and out on the battlefield, hold down the T button and tilt the motion controller forwards or backwards. To turn the field of play, simply tilt to the left or the right. Accessing the Production Menu is done by waving the motion controller to the right, while closing it requires a swipe to the left. Using PlayStation Move to play R.U.S.E. opens up a whole new world of controlling possibilities that, once mastered, can be beneficial to your style of play on the battlefield.

    RUSE screenshot

    Taking the R.U.S.E. online

    There are two multiplayer modes in R.U.S.E., namely Individual Championship and Team Championship. In Individual Championship, you are pitted against another player on one of the maps featured in the single player campaign and the two of you must battle it out for supremacy using all the skills you have gained on your own. In Team Championship, the goal remains the same, only this time you team up with a second player via PlayStation Network and must defeat two players who have joined forces.

    At the end of each match a statistic screen appears and shows you how well you performed in battle and what experience points you may have gained from that encounter. Each of the championships in R.U.S.E. is based on a league system, with seven different leagues featuring in each championship.

    These leagues are based on your experience as a player, which means you won't wind up fighting another player with more skills than you. In order to progress through the leagues, you'll need to win matches, master R.U.S.E. and conquer a whole world of battlefield commanders via PlayStation Network.

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