Move Mind Benders

  • PS3

Three popular brain-teasers come together on one Blu-ray Disc for the first time.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe
    Move Mind Benders Featured Image
    • Carefully position a series of building blocks onto increasingly tricky platforms in Tumble.
    • Manipulate light and shadow in echochrome ii by using the PlayStation Move motion controller in a series of ingenious challenges.
    • Guide green-haired rodents to safety in the classic puzzle game Lemmings, with High Definition visuals and 40 PlayStation Move enabled levels.
    • Add a head-spinning dimension to all three of these tests of logic by playing them in stereoscopic 3D.
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    Puzzle power

    Grab a PlayStation Move motion controller and perform mental gymnastics with Move Mind Benders, the complete puzzle package on PlayStation 3. For the first time, the classic teasers echochrome ii, Lemmings and Tumble appear together on one Blu-ray Disc, and in one downloadable package on PlayStation Store, so you can experience three very different puzzle games in any order you like.

    From the black and white minimalism of echochrome ii to the iconic vibrancy of Lemmings, everything is designed to keep your mind focused on finding the solutions to these distinctive puzzlers. The search for the key to each game’s conundrums is a joy thanks to simple, timeless design and clever control schemes that make full use of your motion controller’s capabilities.

    Throw full stereoscopic 3D compatibility into the mix, and the enigmatic Walker, spritely lemmings and colourful blocks immediately jump out of the screen at you – even if the answers to the questions they pose don’t present themselves quite so readily.
    Pick up or download Move Mind Benders for your PS3 and see how PlayStation Move can let you get right to the heart of three contrasting and addictive brain-scramblers.

    Move Mind Benders screenshot

    Artificial intelligence

    PlayStation Move lets you manipulate three remarkable worlds as you strive to unlock the puzzles they present. Whether it’s the frantic multitasking of Lemmings, the painstaking balancing act of Tumble or the shadow shifting of echochrome ii, you’ll keep coming back until you’ve mastered every last level. Here’s what to expect:

    • echochrome ii: Turn logic on its head by moving a light source to forge pathways out of shadows, letting the striding silhouette known as the Walker reach each level’s exit.
    • Lemmings: Guide a troop of brainless but loveable lemmings to safety by quickly assigning specialist roles to members of the pack. Need to stop lemmings tumbling to their doom? Then select a Stopper to guard perilous edges. Is your path ahead blocked? Simply set a Digger to work, and stop these green-haired critters meeting a messy end.
    • Tumble: Construct sculptures from a selection of shapes to win medals and unlock exciting new levels. With a range of different materials to work with, the trick of building the tallest tower possible without it toppling over is harder than it looks.

    Transform your motion controller into an extension of your mind’s eye, and use it to grapple with some of the most inventive tests of your wits on PlayStation.

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    Mind over mates

    After struggling to burst the boundaries of logic in Move Mind Benders, why keep your feats to yourself? You can communicate your achievements in a variety of ways via PlayStation Network, and even invite a friend to compete against you. Here’s how:

    • echochrome ii: Record videos of your best attempts and show them off via YouTube to demonstrate to your friends how it’s done. Then, create your own fiendishly challenging levels and upload them to PlayStation Network for others to try.
    • Lemmings: When “just one more go” turns into several extra attempts, Lemmings entices you into beating your scores. So, climb the online leader boards and improve your global ranking.
    • Tumble: Get a friend to don a hard hat and compete in local multiplayer modes – and since the action is turn-based, you’ll need only one motion controller. Build faster than your opponent or cram as many odd shapes into your tower as you can to win.

    Solving puzzles first time around is just part of the fun. Revisit your toughest challenges and improve your own performances while impressing the world.

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