V Rising

Awaken from centuries of slumber, rise in power and conquer the world of the living. V Rising is an action-RPG from Stunlock Studios that blends classic character-building with elements of base-building and survival. Do battle across a vast open world, gather materials to ensure your survival and build a castle befitting your legend.


An ingenious and frighteningly addictive blend of poker, deck-builder and roguelike, Balatro's colorful and carefree style hides a depth and complexity that will draw you in for hours. Build signature runs, unlock modifiers and bet against the house as you up the ante with each round.

Persona 3 Reload

The celebrated third chapter of Atlus's Persona series comes to current generation consoles, completely rebuilt using the latest technology. Step into the shoes of an unassuming transfer student and join an unlikely band of heroes on a journey into the 'hidden' hour between day and night.

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is a first-person driving survival game in which you must brave the supernatural dangers of Olympic Exclusion Zone. Each incursion into this hostile wilderness brings new challenges, new opportunities to upgrade your car and new pieces of the mystery to uncover.

Animal Well

As devilishly charming as it is difficult, Animal Well is a unique, highly stylized spin on the explorative platform-adventure genre. Explore a dense interconnected labyrinth, collect items to manipulate your environment, and encounter creatures both beautiful and unsettling.

Tomb Raider I - III Remastered

The influential trilogy that introduced the world to Lara Croft comes - fully remastered - to the latest generation of consoles. Traverse ancient ruins, do battle with secretive organizations and survive deadly traps in three seminal action-platform adventures. 

The best new and upcoming PS5 games of 2024

Discover the best PlayStation 5 games that you can look forward to playing in the year ahead.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The latest in a franchise that dates back to 1989, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown returns the series to its side-scrolling, platform-driven roots. Embark on a brand-new adventure featuring time-bending twists, acrobatic combat, and a labyrinthine map filled with secrets, bosses and puzzles.

Harold Halibut

Settle down for a vibrant and cozy retrofuturistic adventure through FEDORA I, a sunken deep-space vessel that fled Earth centuries ago in search of a new home for mankind. Form bonds with the onboard residents, explore the hulking, ark-like vessel, and help your friend Jeanna find a way to escape the ship's watery berth.

Unicorn Overlord

A brand-new tactical fantasy RPG from the creator of Odin Sphere and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Unicorn Overlord combines the classic genre with Vanillaware's signature art direction, storytelling, and world-building. Traverse a stylish over-world, assemble a grand army, and perform heroic deeds as you build renown across five nations.

Open Roads

A new narrative adventure from the development team behind the critically acclaimed Gone Home, Open Roads takes you on a heartfelt journey with mother and daughter Tess and Opal. Explore long-abandoned family properties unearthing the buried memories that both have tried to forget. 

System Shock

One of the most influential games of all time comes to modern consoles. Explore a dystopian cyberpunk vision of the future as you explore the Citadel Space Station in a trail-blazing immersive sim from developers who would go on to create the Bioshock series.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Dive into the fifth chapter in the long-running and critically acclaimed RPG series that gave rise to the Persona franchise. Explore a post-apocalyptic vision of Tokyo known as Da'at and unleash your supernatural powers in a long-running battle between angels and demons.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Take on the role of young Bantu shaman Zau and explore the mysterious land of Kenzera. A stylish Metroidvania adventure, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU follows the trials of a courageous young man as he makes a deal with the God of Death and fights to overcome the loss of his Baba.

Crow Country

Channeling the spirit of classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill 2, Crow Country is a modern take on the survival horror genre. Take on the role of Mara Forest and explore an abandoned amusement park searching for its vanished founder. Solve puzzles, unlock new areas and expand your arsenal as you battle the monsters who've overrun the place.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Bringing to life the world of the classic fighting games series, Granblue Fantasy: Relink transports you to the Sky Realm. Explore a floating archipelago set against a great blue expanse and become captain of a skyfaring crew as you join a colorful cast of crewmates on a quest to find Estalucia.


Boasting vibrant neon visuals and existential overtones, Ultros stands out among its Metroidvania contemporaries as a bold take on the genre. Explore themes of death and rebirth as you explore a space-drifting, cosmic uterus that holds an ancient demonic entity known as Ultros.

Braid: Anniversary Edition

A seminal indie hit for PlayStation 3, Jonathan Blow's (The Witness) ingenious, time-bending puzzle-platformer arrived on the current generation of consoles this year. As uniquely challenging and intriguing as it was then, this new Anniversary Edition maintains the characteristic charm and memorable soundtrack of the original.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Remake

Experience a fairytale story of discovery and loss, brought to life with unique puzzle mechanics. From the creator of It Takes Two and A Way Out, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Remake uses the latest graphics technology to recreate director Josef Fares' break-out hit for the current generation of consoles.