Important Health and Safety Information

Seizures induced by light stimulation (Photosensitive Epilepsy)
If you have an epileptic condition or have had seizures, consult your doctor prior to using this product.

Some individuals are sensitive to flashing or flickering lights or geometric shapes and patterns, may have an undetected epileptic condition and may experience epileptic seizures when playing video games or watching video content.

DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and consult your doctor if you experience any of the following health problems or symptoms when exposed to flashing or flickering lights or other light stimulation whilst playing video games or watching video content:
・eye soreness,
・altered vision,
・muscle twitching,
・convulsion or other involuntary movements,
・loss of awareness, or
・confusion or disorientation.

In addition to the above, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY if you experience any of the following symptoms:
・ headache,
・ fatigue,
・similar symptoms to motion sickness, or
・discomfort or pain in any part of the body such as eyes, ears, hands, arms or feet whilst playing.
If the condition persists, seek medical attention:

Use and handling
・Use in a well-lit environment and keep a safe distance from the TV screen.
・Avoid prolonged use of the product. Generally we recommend that you take 15 minute breaks for every hour of play.
・Avoid playing when you are tired or need sleep.
・Stop using the product immediately if you begin to feel tired or if you experience discomfort or pain in your hands or arms while operating the controller. If the condition persists, seek medical attention

Vibration function
• Do not use the vibration function of the VR headset if you use pacemakers, defibrillators, programmable shunt valves, or other medical devices.
• Do not use the vibration function of the VR headset or the vibration function and the trigger effect function on PlayStation VR2 Sense™ controller if you have any ailment or injury that may be affected by this vibration function or any ailments or injury to body parts such as the head, bones, joints, or muscles of your hand or arm. The function can be turned on or off from [Settings] on the home screen.

VR Headset Safety Notice
・Before using, read the health and safety warnings in the VR headset instruction manual. Carefully follow all instructions for setup and use.
・The VR headset is not for use by children under the age of 12.
・Review surroundings and clear obstacles before use. Take steps to prevent pets, children or other obstacles from entering the area during use.
・Some people may experience motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort while viewing virtual reality content. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using immediately and remove the VR headset.

PlayStation®Move / PlayStation VR2 Sense controller Safety Notice
・When using the motion controller, avoid holding the controller closer than 20 cm from the face or eyes.
・When using the motion controller or the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, be aware of the following points. If the controller hits a person or object, it may cause an accident, injury, or malfunction. Observe the following when you use the controller.
■ Check that there is enough space around you before using the controller.
■ Do not use the controller while the USB cable is connected.
■ Be sure to wear the attached straps on your wrists when using the controller.
■ Hold the controller firmly to prevent them from being thrown out of your hands. Do not shake the controller with excessive force.