Set up HD Camera on PS5 consoles

How to set up HD Camera on PS5 consoles

Find out how to get started with HD Camera on PlayStation®5 consoles.

HD Camera is an optional extra for your PS5™ console. PlayStation®VR on PS5 consoles requires a PlayStation®Camera and a PlayStation®Camera adaptor.  HD Camera is not compatible with PS VR.

How to set up your HD Camera with a PS5 console

  1. Connect your HD Camera to the Superspeed USB (10Gbps) port on the back of your PS5 console using the cable provided.

  2. Place your HD Camera on a level surface directly facing where you'll be sitting when you play.

  3. Change the angle of your HD Camera to make sure it’s capturing the right area.

How to adjust HD Camera settings

  1. Go to Settings > Accessories > Camera
  2. Select a camera type and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to stream broadcasts with HD Camera on PS5 consoles

Want to be included when streaming your broadcasts? Use your HD camera (CFI-ZEY series) or PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY series) and put yourself in your live stream.

  1. Press the create button and select Broadcast.

  2. Select the streaming service you'd like to broadcast with.

  3. Enter your broadcast information.
    When you want to include video from your camera or audio from your voice chat, select Broadcast Options and customise how you broadcast.

  4. When you're all set, select Go Live, and your broadcast starts.
    The broadcast card appears in the control centre.

How to troubleshoot an unclear image from HD Camera

  1. Clean your HD Camera lenses using a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
    Don’t use water or any other cleaning fluids.

  2. Check the lenses to see if they are cracked or damaged.

  3. Try moving nearer to the camera. 

  4. Don’t move your HD Camera after you have set it up.

  5. Make sure your HD Camera is on a stable surface. Movement during gameplay may result in tracking failure.

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