Change audio settings on PlayStation®5 console

Change audio settings on PlayStation®5 console

Find out how to customise your PS5™ console audio output for TV, headset or AV system.

Change PS5 audio settings

To configure PS5 audio output settings, go to the home screen and select Settings > Sound > Audio Output:

Output Device

Select an audio output device to use. You can change your output device from Sound in the control centre as well.

Switch Output Device Automatically

Turn on to switch output devices automatically when an audio device such as a headset or PS VR is connected.

HDMI Device Type

Choose the type of device connected via HDMI cable to your console, and select the appropriate options. For example, if you select AV amplifier as your HDMI device type, you can set the number of channels and adjust speaker positions.

Number of Channels

Select the number of channels your AV amplifier uses.

Adjust Speaker Positions

Move your speakers to get the right balance of sound.

Output to Headphones

Select All Audio to hear game sound effects and music from your headphones in addition to chat audio.

Select Chat Audio to hear only chat audio from your headphones. Other sounds will be heard from the device you selected under Output Device.

Enable 3D Audio

You'll be able to experience 3D Audio with the USB-compatible headphones that many of you already own, either through USB-A or USB-C connection to the console, or by plugging your compatible headphones into the DualSense wireless controller's 3.5-mm headset jack.

Adjust 3D Audio Profile 

When 3D audio is enabled, you can choose your preferred 3D audio profile.

Home Screen Music

Turn on/off the music that plays in the background on your home screen.

Sound Effects

Turn on/off the sounds heard during some functions such as scrolling.

Sidetone Volume

Set how loud your voice is heard through your headset.

This setting is not available for all headsets.

Audio Format (Priority)

Set the audio output format to use for games and for video apps.

Available settings may vary depending on your devices and audio settings configuration.

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