Security best practices on PSN

How to use security best practices on PSN

Find out what steps you can take to be more secure on PlayStation™Network (PSN).

Never share your account details with anyone else. To avoid unintentionally sharing your account details when you sign in on someone else’s console, make sure to sign out at the end of the session.

How to use security best practices on PSN

  • Add a passkey to your account.
    Passkeys are a password replacement that provide faster, easier, and more secure sign-ins to websites and apps across your devices.
  • Set up 'Require Password at Checkout'.

Activate password protection for PlayStation™Store purchases to prevent someone else from making purchases without your knowledge.

  • Set up 'Require Passcode at log-in'.

Prevent people who don’t know your passcode from signing in to your account on your console.

  • Never share your account details.

Sharing your account details compromises the security of your account. It's also a breach of our Terms of Service, so never share your sign-in information. If someone signs in to your account, they can change your sign-in information and lock you out.

The internet has many websites offering free virtual currency in exchange for personal information. These sites are created to gather your information and gain access to your account, payment information, and personal information. Never share account information with these sites. Change your sign-in method if you've ever been on one of these sites.

  • Don’t sign in on shared devices.

Signing in to your account from internet cafes, libraries, or public PlayStation consoles poses a security threat. Only sign in on devices controlled by you or people you trust, otherwise, your information could be stolen without your knowledge.

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