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Get ready to experience one of the most beautiful, unique and critically acclaimed PlayStation® games ever released as Journey arrives on PlayStation®4.

Explore vast deserts and primitive ruins on an emotional quest to uncover the long-lost secrets of a forgotten civilisation.

Feel the strain of every step as you guide your nameless nomad through the wilderness to reach a mountaintop looming on the horizon. In the face of oppressive heat and howling winds, tap into an ancient magic to soar through the skies and discover this mysterious world alone or with a stranger you may meet along the way.

Featuring stunning 1080p HD visuals and an enchanting, award-winning musical score, it’s time to revel in the wonder on PS4™. Set off on a personal journey that will challenge your mind, touch your heart and stay with you for years.

• Buy this game for PS4™ or PlayStation®3 to receive both versions at no extra cost.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
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