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PlayStation Network

Discover an online world packed with games, music, video, entertainment and friends to share it all with.

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  • The biggest and best games

    Download the latest games from PlayStation Store whenever you want them, and play together with friends online.

  • Connect with friends

    Compare trophies, send messages to arrange the next big gaming session and keep up with your friends' latest activities.


PlayStation Store

The best place to buy

Download or pre-order the latest games whenever you want them. Check out a PlayStation exclusive or pick an all-time classic from over 10,000 titles and make big savings with regular sales and offers for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

  • Bloodborne™

    Do you have the guts to face your fears in the cursed town of Yharnam?

  • Batman: Arkham Knight

    The epic conclusion to the Arkham series, on PS4.

  • The Witcher®3: Wild Hunt

    This world doesn't need a hero. It needs a professional.


What you want to watch

Video on PlayStation Store

Fresh-from-the-cinema blockbusters, breakthrough independent movies and a back catalogue of timeless classics – as well as the latest TV shows – are on-demand and at your fingertips with PlayStation Store.


Apps at your fingertips

All the entertainment you love

Dive in to a world of entertainment with PSN* – stream TV shows, entire series and watch movies on-demand, catch up with news and sport, browse the web and check out the viral videos everyone’s talking about, all from your PS4 and PS3.

*Entertainment services vary by country.

Gaming comes alive

Get connected with PSN

Connect with your PlayStation friends on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita using your PSN ID. Show off the trophies you’ve won, send messages to arrange the next big online gaming session, and start a party to chat with all your mates, no matter what they’re playing.

What’s in it for you?





Access to PlayStation Store

Collect trophies

Online gaming

Connect with friends

PlayStation Music with Spotify

PlayStation Video

Entertainment apps

Remote Play

Get the most out of PSN

Join PlayStation Plus

Take on the world with online multiplayer for PS4, save game progress to the cloud, and add great games to your collection every month – all as a member of PlayStation Plus.