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  • PS3

Let your little skater out.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: EA Black Box

    Billed as the closest thing to skateboarding without actually putting your feet on a board, Skate features innovative controls that take advantage of the dual sticks, the power of the next generation hardware, and the ability to sculpt tricks that define your own style. Skate delivers an authentic and unique boarding experience.

    Individual style combined with physics-driven animations promise that no two tricks will ever be the same and there’s plenty of room to pull off those tricks in the expansive environments the game offers. You can even capture footage to create and show off your style with friends across the world.

    Get ready for all the fun, creativity and culture of skateboarding without the hours of practice, broken bones and hospital visits.

    • Intuitive Flickit™ control system captures the real-world feel and true attitude of skating.
    • Create your own style and personality with animation and physics that give you the freedom to decide how your skater looks and rides
    • Extensive online gameplay system includes multiple online multiplayer modes
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    The daily grind

    Grab a board and get ready to surf the concrete jungle with Skate on PlayStation 3.

    Starting off as a fringe offshoot of surfing, skateboarding has expanded into a global phenomenon, with over 12 million skateboarders worldwide. Skate casts you as one of these 12 million - an aspiring skater looking to make a name for themselves on the streets of the fictional city of San Vanelona.

    Control freak

    Skating is all about your control over the board, something that Skate's producers have managed to replicate admirably well through the control system. The left and right sticks act as your feet and body control, letting you recreate the feeling of being on a board. Pulling down on the right stick gets you into a crouched position and flicking the stick quickly upward allows you to do a normal ollie.

    Quickly flick the stick up and to the left however and you'll kick the board with your foot and perform a kickflip. You can also change your centre of gravity with the left stick, meaning you can perform spins and flips, and grind by landing on a rail, maintaining your balance with the right stick. It may sound complex, but it's actually incredibly intuitive and realistic, and responds in exactly the way you expect it to, whether you are a skateboarder in real life or not.

    The aim of the game is for your self-created skater to rise through the ranks of the sidewalk surfers by gaining sponsorship from skate shops and clothing companies. This is achieved by getting your photo taken for magazines and producing videos showing off your board prowess. There are also several Spot Own areas throughout San Vanelona where you can try to "own" a particular spot by performing the most impressive tricks on it. The city is also full of other skaters who you can challenge to skate-offs and downhill races, or just free skate with as much as you want.

    Keep on truckin'

    The more challenges you complete, the more extra content you unlock, including secret characters, new challenges and a greater range of clothing for your skater, including famous brands like E's, Etnies, Adidas and Ice Cream. And you won't be short of stuff to do - San Vanelona is absolutely huge, a giant, living city full of people, shops, traffic and pedestrians, as well as plenty of rails, bowls, ledges and ramps for you to shred to your heart's content. Along the way your created skater will skate alongside some of the best pro skateboarders in the world, including Jerry Hsu, Mike Carroll, Rob Dyrdek and Mark Gonzales to a soundtrack featuring bands such as Agent Orange, N.W.A, The Ramones and Nirvana.

    Also available is the ability to create your own short video clips at any time. These can be edited together to include multiple camera angles and effects and can be uploaded to EA's Skate.reel website for others to marvel at your four-wheeled mastery.

    The game is full of neat touches - music gets louder and more prominent the closer you are to a particularly good spot, nasty bails are rewarded with a shot of the Thrasher Hall Of Meat injury report (complete with full-body x-ray and detail of all the bones broken), and by using the L1 button you are able to place a session marker that you can instantly warp back to if you mess up the line you were going for. They're small touches but they all contribute to the feeling that Skate is a quality package through and through, and one of the most involving and realistic skating games ever made.

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