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  • Online play required
  • 12 online players
  • PS5 Version
    Trigger effect required

What is XDefiant?

Worlds collide in this fast-paced multiplayer shooter. 

Iconic Ubisoft worlds clash for supremacy in intense first-person arena combat.

Choose your character from Factions drawn from popular Ubisoft franchises and utilise their unique skillset in fast-paced, class-based action. Hone your Defiant through highly customisable loadouts, as you expand your abilities and create the ultimate combat operative.

Compete for glory in explosive 6v6 firefights across 14 maps at launch, each inspired by games like Far Cry and Splinter Cell. This free-to-play shooter offers cross-play from day one, letting you play with friends on a range of platforms.

XDefiant key features

Choose your Faction

Align yourself with Factions inspired by Ubisoft series, each one offering distinct classes, abilities and Ultras. Teams can be formed from any Factions, and you can change Factions mid-game to adapt to your situation.

Compete for glory

Find a game type to suit your playstyle. Battle for territorial control in Domination and Occupy modes, contest shifting objective points in Zone Control, or push the package in the frantic Escort mode.

Build the ultimate operative

Optimise your Defiant with any combination of weapons, attachments and devices. Any Faction can use any weapon, giving you complete freedom to experiment, adapt and refine.

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