Get moving

Just Dance 2022

The great thing about dancing is it never feels like a workout. Just Dance is the dancing game you can play with just your console and smartphone. Put together your favourite dance playlists and sign up with a Just Dance Unlimited subscription if you want to customize your routine with a choice of over 600 tracks. You can even dance with friends in co-op mode for up to six players. Ideal if you need a game to pick up and put down in short bursts.

Equipment needed: Just your PS4 or PS5 console and smartphone.

Hot tip: Turn on Sweat Mode to find the most intense songs and view a calorie counter.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a unique and fast-paced way to get your body moving. Your rhythm and reflexes are put to the test with beats to slash and obstacles to duck. 90-degree levels create 28 mind-bending lanes of beats flying at you. And the soundtrack can be expanded with a variety of downloadable music packs. There is nothing not to love about this workout.

New for 2021: Multiplayer just landed in Beat Saber. Create and customize your avatar and join public or private matches with your friends online (PlayStation Plus subscription required).

Equipment needed: PlayStation VR headset and PS Move controllers.

Hot tip: Try the track Fitbeat for a serious whole-body workout.

Certain products may have specific health information to read before you use the product. If you are new to exercise (or do not exercise regularly), please follow medical advice and always check with a medical professional if you:

  • Are or may be pregnant;
  • Have high blood pressure or circulatory conditions;
  • Have heart, respiratory, joint or other orthopedic concerns; or
  • If you find physical activity difficult (or have been advised to restrict physical activity).

STOP IMMEDIATELY and consult a medical professional if you experience any shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, pain or discomfort.

What equipment do I need to play?

Grab your PlayStation VR headset, PS Camera and PS Move controllers to start your at-home fitness activities. If you are playing with friends or family members, please note that PlayStation VR is not for use by children under age 12.

VR creates a sense of presence and immersion. If you are new to VR, we recommend easing yourself in gently over time, taking regular breaks. Some users may experience discomfort when viewing VR content, although this varies between individuals.

PS VR headset

Put yourself at the centre of an extraordinary gaming universe powered by the PS VR headset and your PlayStation® console.

If you're using your PS VR headset on PS5, you'll need to request your free camera adaptor.

PS Camera

With dual lenses and 3D depth sensors, the PlayStation Camera tracks the position of the headset, PlayStation Move controller and DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller from every angle.

PS Move

Enhance your PlayStation VR experience with up to two PlayStation Move motion controllers, in compatible games. With its lightweight design, advanced motion sensors and tracking sphere, the PlayStation Move motion controller lets you effortlessly interact with your virtual environment, with incredible accuracy.


The PS4 console, delivering awesome gaming power, incredible entertainment and vibrant HDR technology.


Along with a healthy diet and exercise, fitness games are an excellent way to get the blood pumping and work up a sweat. Several of the titles in this list will help you count burned calories and track your fitness goals. Take regular breaks and avoid excessive exertion. Always talk to a medical professional before starting a new workout regime.

Dancing, racing, boxing, sprinting and yoga are just some of the exercise games available on PS4 and PS5.

A PS Plus subscription is not a requirement to play these games but it does facilitate online co-op in some titles.

Many great fitness games track your movements, so most of these games are designed with virtual reality in mind. Just Dance has option to play without VR, however.

Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the lenses and a damp cloth to clean the rubber light guard. For more information on VR care click here.

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